Moffat County Commission recap for Nov. 10 |

Moffat County Commission recap for Nov. 10

Patrick Kelly

Moffat County Commissioners John Kinkaid, Frank Moe and Chuck Grobe conduct county business at their weekly meeting Tuesday morning.

The Moffat County Commissioners did the following at their weekly meeting Tuesday morning:

During general discussion:

• Commissioner Frank Moe said it was refreshing to see federal and state officials visit Craig to work with local government at the Economic Diversification Roundtable hosted by the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership on Nov. 4.

"That meeting was super fantastic and energizing. I think a lot of good will come out of it," he said.

• Commissioner Chuck Grobe said he and Moe met with Dinosaur Town Council last week to discuss the possibility of brining natural gas to Dinosaur for heating homes.

"It's got a lot of ways to go but it's sounding exciting for Dinosaur to be able to get natural gas," he said.

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• On Monday night, The Moffat County Land Use Board received a presentation on a reservoir that might be constructed in Rio Blanco County, Grobe said.

Depending on how large the reservoir is, a portion of it might spill into Moffat County. Completion of the project is estimated to take eight to 10 years.

On the agenda:On the agenda:

On the agenda:

• Granted an application for exemption from subdivision regulations on the Stehle property. Ten acres of the original parcel's 818 were exempted off as part of the dividing estate.

• Linda DeRose, Moffat County Road and Bridge Department manager, provided a monthly report.

Projects for the month of October included repairing and replacing signs throughout the county, repairing wash outs on Moffat County Road 10 and 4 North, cleaning, repairing and replacing culverts and picking up trash.

"We had six mattresses that we picked up the other day on 64 West," DeRose said.

• Signed the county's scoping comment for the Office of Surface Mining's environmental assessment of Trapper Mine.

In the comment, the commissioners explain the importance of the mine to the Northwest Colorado's economy and their concerns with Judge R. Brooke Jackson's ruling.

"This (environmental assessment) sets new precedent by requiring the analysis of emissions of an end user power plant, even though the (environmental assessment) focuses on a mining operation," the commissioners said in the comment.

Comments on the assessment must be submitted to OSMRE by Thursday.

• Appointed Dollie Rose, Department of Social Services director, to the 14th Judicial District Juvenile Services Planning Commission.

Tara Wojtkiewicz, Youth Services Department director, updated the commissioners on some of the challenges facing the county's youth.

Wojtkiewicz said she is seeing a lot of drug use amongst juveniles and most of it stems from problems at home.

"It's incredible the crimes we are dealing with," she said, adding that she knew a 16-year-old with seven pending cases and 24 felony charges.

The Youth Services Department is working with Social Services and the Visiting Nurse Association to find ways to address mental health issues, Wojtkiewicz said.

• Discussed the 2016 county health insurance plan with Human Resources Department Director Lynnette Siedschlaw.

Siedschlaw said the medical/prescription coverage will see an increase of $645,000 but there is a $3 million reserve for the fund.

"We have a very, very healthy reserve for this fund," she said.

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