Moffat County Commission recap for July 14 |

Moffat County Commission recap for July 14

Patrick Kelly

Moffat County commissioners did the following Tuesday morning at their weekly meeting:

During general discussion:

Heard from Jeff Comstock, Moffat County Natural Resources Department director, and land use board chairman Steve Hinkemeyer about seeking cooperating agency status with the Bureau of Land Management Little Snake Field Office.

The Little Snake Field Office has been tasked with creating a travel management plan for most of the land in Moffat County and has already been working with the land use board, Hinkemeyer said.

“This is definitely something that the county needs to weigh in on,” he said.

Hinkemeyer said the goal so far has been ensuring all the routes are identified and inventoried. The information is then evaluated by the BLM and a plan released for public comment. Overall, the process takes approximately two years.

As a cooperating agency, the county would be able to review the plan and provide input before it goes public.

“It’s there to help design plans, so local government can provide expertise and provide feedback to the federal agencies before the plans become final,” explained Comstock.

Moffat County Commissioner Frank Moe said he felt joining with BLM as a cooperating agency was proactive and afforded the county a valuable opportunity to provide input.

After all of the routes are inventoried, they will be designated by use type.

“That’s where the controversy will come in, no doubt” Comstock said, adding that most of Moffat County has mostly been open designation up until now.

Comstock, at the request of the commissioners, will draft a letter BLM requesting that Moffat County be formally granted cooperating agency status.

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