Moffat County Commission recap for Dec. 1 |

Moffat County Commission recap for Dec. 1

Patrick Kelly

Moffat County Commissioners John Kinkaid and Frank Moe

The Moffat County Commissioners did the following at their weekly meeting Tuesday morning:

During general discussion:

• Moffat County Natural Resources Department Director Jeff Comstock said Colorado Parks and Wildlife is supporting Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado in the effort to remap greater sage grouse habitat in Colorado.

"You really need to appreciate how important it is that CPW would actually defer or support another organization doing their job," he said. "That partnership is going to be, I believe, pretty long-lived and probably one of the ones in the state that stands out."

AGNC is working to secure a grant from the Department of Local Affairs and the CPW endorsement is a big development, Comstock said.

"To go to a joint effort to remap sage grouse habitat that extensively shows that there's real problems and the state even wants to get behind fixing them," he said.

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Any federal regulatory measures to protect sage grouse will be based around the state habitat map.

On the agenda:On the agenda:

On the agenda:

• Approved the Moffat County Local Marketing District Operating Plan for 2016. The city of Craig approved the same plan at its meeting last week and the town council for Dinosaur was scheduled to vote Tuesday evening.

The plan fulfills the statutory requirements that had to be met before Dec. 5 in order for the LMD to collect revenue, in the form a four percent lodging tax, in 2016.

Moffat County Commissioner Frank Moe said the primary concern was to pass a plan for the following year so the fee can be levied. As the district matures, a more a substantial plan will be ratified.

"This is to get us through another step, knowing in January we'll have the time and the details to proceed," he said.

• Created the MCLMD fund with Moffat County as fiscal agent. The four percent lodging tax collected under the LMD will be deposited in this fund and distributed as determined fit by the LMD operating board, which currently consists of the boards or councils of Moffat County, Craig and the town of Dinosaur.

• Approved the proposed 2016 budget with final plan pending potential adjustments before final approval on Dec. 15.

In forming the budget, the county is accounting for expected decreases in property and sales taxes.

• Contracted CGRS for engineering services on a soil cleanup project at the former Moffat County Road and Bridge shop. The property was recently purchased by Kum & Go to provide room for a planned expansion. Kum & Go agreed to split half of the soil remediation cost with the county, a cost that would normally fall on the property owner, said Moffat County Road and Bridge Director Roy Tipton.