Moffat County college district board to spend more than $350K from reserves |

Moffat County college district board to spend more than $350K from reserves

Members of the Moffat County Affiliated Junior College District Board of Control consider changes to their meeting agenda, in April 2017. Pictured, from left, are Secretary Zach Allen, member Lois Wymore, Treasurer Andy Daniels, Foundation Liaison Terry Carwile and board chair Mike Anson.
Sasha Nelson/staff

CRAIG — The Moffat County Affiliated Junior College District Board will dip deep into cash reserves to support college programs while providing 100 percent tuition assistance to Moffat County residents in 2018-19.

The decision to spend $357,395 from assets of $660,000 held in Certificates of Deposit was made during a regular meeting, held Monday, June 18, in response to proposals for support brought forward by Colorado Northwestern Community College President Ron Granger.

The money will support existing emergency medical services and automotive and diesel technology programs and help with the development of new medical assisting, drone, equine/agriculture and bachelor of science in nursing programs, as well as allay some costs associated with marketing new programs and staff work on residence halls for the Craig Campus.

Granger’s proposal was about $28,000 less than an earlier proposal, which was rejected by the college district board in favor of providing free tuition to Moffat County residents for one year. However, without the additional funds, Granger said, that programs and personnel would have to be cut from the Craig campus.

When the 2018-19 budget resolutions came to a vote, board member Zach Allen was the only dissent, with the other four board members voting to approve.

Allen explained he was uncomfortable setting a precedent of using cash reserves.

“I’d like to see both scholarship and contingency go towards some of the program funding,” he said during the discussion.

The added support was given with the following stipulations.

• Granger will provide quarterly reports on the programs being supported, so the board can better determine the return on investment.

• The college will consider increasing the number of programs offered to encourage enrollment.

• A workshop will be held during the summer to help determine implementation of the tuition buy-back program. The college district board would like students to pursue scholarships and grants before receiving free tuition from the board.

The college district board also:

• Held executive sessions pursuant to §24-6-402(4)(a), C.R.S., for the purchase, acquisition, lease, transfer or sale of any real, personal or other property interest; and pursuant to §24-6-402(4)(b), C.R.S., for the purpose of conferencing with an attorney for the public entity to receive legal advice on specific legal questions. Upon reconvening the session, board members unanimously voted to amend the agenda and to strike item 6.3: “property sale.”

• Declined a proposal for the Trapper Fitness Center from the current lessees to pursue other options.

• Approved minutes from a regular meeting held May 21 and special meetings held May 29 and April 30, as well as the treasurer’s report of May 31.

• Received a report from Janell Oberlander, vice president of the Craig Campus and Student Services, learning her last day with the college will be Aug. 3.

• Received a report from Granger, who said that, in light of recent and anticipated departures of three vice presidents, the deans for the college will be acting as interim representatives until the positions can be filled. College district board members asked to play a role in filling Oberlander’s position, as that person is likely to lead the Craig Campus.

“When we get set up we might look at having board members be part of that,” Granger said.

• Received a report from Foundation Director Sue Samaniego.

• Received a report from Student Housing Committee Chair Lois Wymore about recent and upcoming meetings to discuss proposals for on-campus student housing. The committee has reconvened regular noon meetings the third Tuesday of the month at the college.

• Received a report on the development of a new CNCC website from Marketing Director Brian MacKenzie and learned that the financial aid section is being reviewed for compliance before the site goes into beta testing. The public launch of the new site is estimated for early July.

• Daniels offered to provide $500 to sponsor the annual fall student orientation barbecue, scheduled for Aug. 18.

• College District Board President Mike Anson said he is in process of setting up a conference call with retiring Colorado Community College System President Nancy McCallin next week to finalize a document describing next steps from meetings about the results of focus groups held at the college district board’s request in April.

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