Moffat County coaches asked to resign but fate of upperclassmen unknown |

Moffat County coaches asked to resign but fate of upperclassmen unknown

Erin Fenner
An alleged hazing incident at the annual Moffat County High School football camp led to the school district asking five coaches to resign. Pictured is the Bulldogs' football field at the high school.
Andy Bockelman

— Moffat County School District posted openings on its website for five high school football coaching positions after an alleged hazing incident that occurred at a football camp in Evanston, Wyoming, resulted in the district asking the current coaches to resign.

But whether the students who are accused of carrying out the hazing are facing any disciplinary action is still unknown.

“The administration has followed school board policies and procedures, keeping the safety of our students top priority,” Superintendent Brent Curtice said in a statement.

The camp, which ran from June 18 to 20, is an annual training excursion that is supposed to prepare the team for the upcoming football season.

According to some of the parents of freshmen who attended the camp, upperclassmen physically attacked freshmen. The behavior allegedly went beyond normal hazing, with freshmen claiming they were hit with urine-filled balloons and attacked in the showers when they were naked.

Head coach Kip Hafey and assistant coaches Lance Scranton, Shane Hadley, Derek Duran and Ken Olinger were asked to leave their coaching positions. But middle school football coach Jason Buhrman, who also attended the camp, was not asked to resign, Curtice said.

Assistant coach James Neton did not attend the camp and was not asked to resign.

The coaches who were asked to resign still can keep their teaching positions at the high school, Curtice said.

The school district only released limited information and couldn’t disclose whether the accused upperclassmen were disciplined, Curtice said.

“The school district will not comment on the specifics of the investigation or any discipline imposed as a result of this investigation due to the privacy rights of students and staff,” he said in a statement.

A parent of one of the freshmen, Michele Dugan, said she is waiting to find out how the upperclassmen were disciplined.

“I feel good that the school district is taking this seriously, but I want to make sure that those who were physically responsible are disciplined to match what they’ve done,” she said.

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