Moffat County Bulldogs speak up |

Moffat County Bulldogs speak up

Moffat County High School football players celebrate their first win of the season, 27-0, against regional rival Steamboat Springs.

The Craig Daily Press surveyed Moffat County High School football players and coaches about being in the playoffs. Here are some of their responses.

What moments from this season have stuck out to you, whether in games, practice or travel?

"When everything is clicking at practice and at games, and then we become unstoppable." — Jared Atkin, freshman

"My teammates helping no matter what." — Trenton Hillewaert, freshman

"When I got to run the ball against Roaring Fork in a varsity game." — Chace Marshall, sophomore

"All these Friday nights and great practices." — Brady Springer, senior

"Winning league!" — Brett Loyd, senior

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If this is your first year playing at MCHS, how has the experience been?

"It's been a fun and enjoyable season and has formed me into a better person and football player." — Jared Baker, freshman

"It's been amazing everything that you get to do as a team and for the community." — Logan Knez, freshman

"I learned a lot by learning what to do on the field and off the field." — Victor Silva, freshman

"My first year as a Bulldog football player was one to never forget." — Dylan Kincade, senior

If you've played for multiple seasons, what has made this one better than the ones before it?

"Getting stronger in the weight room and being older." — Tane Pierce, sophomore

"The move from outside linebacker to middle linebacker." Mikinzie Klimper, sophomore

"Having a winning record and beating teams we lost to before." — John T Peroulis, junior

What do you feel you bring to your position that has helped the team excel?

"Made them work harder." — Jefferson Piatt, freshman

"Intensity, heart and passion to win." — Frankie Masterson, sophomore

"I know how to do my job and do it well." — Isaac Montoya, junior

"Being able to go from blocking to running routes." — Kearn Gerber, senior

"Going hard on every play." — Bryce Tuttle, senior

Which elements of the game are the Bulldogs' strongest spots?

"Defensive secondary, the run game and our offensive line." — Jeff Wert, coach

How do you feel you've grown as an athlete in the last few months?

"I feel as if I understand the game better, and I will play all four years of high school." — Josh Teeter, freshman

"I feel I have a better passion for the game." — Lane Gonzales, junior

Are there any athletes you look up to, whether in football or another sport?

"Rob Gronkowski and Luke Kuechly because they play smart and know the game mentally and physically." — Cale Scranton, freshman

"I look up to my dad and grandpa." — Kaden Hafey, sophomore

"I always looked up to Jeff Saturday when he played. He's the reason I'm a center." — Trevor Kuhn, senior

How have the coaching staff helped improve your game?

"They have helped me evolve as a player and student of the game." — Colby Beaver, freshman

"They push me and never let me settle." — Blake Ludgate, senior

Do you have any friends or family members you'd like to honor?

"My mom and dad because they support me in everything and make me work hard." — Braeden Barnes, sophomore

"My aunt, uncle, grandma and granddad." — Nathan Baker, sophomore

"I'd like to honor and thank my family for supporting me. Also, the community for supporting the football team as much as they have this year." — Stelios Peroulis, senior

"My wife, Elise, and son, Mason, who have allowed me to pursue my dream of coaching. They are my rock and I love them both." — Jeff Sullivan, coach

What kind of message do you have for people in Craig rooting for you this weekend?

"Go Bulldogs, claim the state title!" — Colby Beckett, sophomore

"We're going to give it our all versus Brush, and no matter the outcome, you will know we gave it 110 percent." — Connor Etzler, freshman

"I am honored to teach at MCHS, and Jeanette Harley Radar and I are proud that Craig is our home." — Keith Gille, head coach

"Don't doubt the Bulldogs. Anything can happen in football." — Elias Peroulis, sophomore

"The guys have had a great season, and I'd like to see this town come out and support them." — Dave Summers, coach