Moffat County BOCC approves consultant to introduce ballot measure, budget changes |

Moffat County BOCC approves consultant to introduce ballot measure, budget changes

Eleanor C. Hasenbeck
The Craig Association of Realtors pose with the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners. The association presented the BOCC with informational booklets about their national organization.
Eleanor C. Hasenbeck/staff

CRAIG — The Moffat County Board of County Commissioners hinted at an upcoming ballot measure and approved several changes to the budget at its regular meeting Tuesday.

The board approved a $25,000 contract with George K. Baum and Company to provide consulting services to advise the county about getting a tax or debt measure on the 2018 ballot.

“Knowing what our current economy is and knowing that our economic future lies in all of our hands, we need to come up with a ballot measure for this fall that we can all coalesce around and support,” said Commissioner Ray Beck.

“I don’t have the expertise and the knowledge to go out and definitively say ‘this is the best option for the county’ as far as a tax measure,” added Commissioner Don Cook. “They’re going to try to develop what they think will pass and then bring it back to us and give us the option of doing something.”

The BOCC also shuffled funds in the budget. Following a public hearing on the supplemental budget, commissioners determined to continue the County Clerk’s office indexing project, which digitizes historic land records to make them publicly searchable on Individuals pay to access these digitized records. The money from the transactions goes into the electronic recording restricted fund. The clerk’s office was authorized to outsource some of this indexing work to a vendor using money from the restricted fund.

The BOCC also transferred $7,000 from the County Development fund to the Moffat County Visitors Center; $25,001 was transferred from the Memorial Regional Health Foundation to professional services – other for future use.

The county will use funds MCTA paid to the county to pay director Tom Kleinschnitz’s salary, fringe benefits and retirement. These funds were originally earmarked for a contract position at the MCTA.

The Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, the Maybell Women’s Club, the Moffat County Fair Board, the Road and Bridge Department and MCTA were all approved to rollover unused funds from the previous year.

The BOCC also took the following actions.

• The BOCC made changes clarifying the board’s purchasing policy with regard to professional services. The BOCC can enter contracts for professional services valued at $25,000 or less without going through the bidding process. Though this was allowed before, this resolution makes this procedure clear.

• The BOCC reduced landfill tipping fees for city and county residents from $45 to $40 per ton.

• The Road and Bridge Department will fill a vacant position for a heavy equipment operator in March.

• The Weed and Pest Department will transition two weed and pest supervisor positions from temporary to part-time. The positions will work the same total number of hours, but hour will be spread throughout the year instead of only during the summer season. One position is vacant.

• The BOCC awarded a contract to clean the courthouse and extension office to After Math Cleaning at $20,760 for the year.

• The BOCC awarded a contract to clean the road and bridge building and pest management office to BD&R Cleaning at $8,014.80 for the year.

• The BOCC heard an update from Communities that Care, a program administered through Northwest Colorado Health that works to prevent problems in youth.

• The board also received an update from the Colorado River District and met the district’s new general manager, Andy Mueller.

• The Craig Association of Realtors presented informational books from the National Association of Realtors and took a photo with the BOCC.

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