Moffat County 4-H announces Achievement Night award winners |

Moffat County 4-H announces Achievement Night award winners

Zayne St. Martin walks his turkey back to the poultry barn after showing in the Moffat County Fair Poultry Show.
Chelsea Self / For Craig Press

What was supposed to be a night of celebrations at Achievement Night with everyone in 4-H has instead turned into a virtual celebration due the current spike in COVID-19 cases.

In consultation with the Board of County Commissioners, 4-H made the tough decision to cancel its 2020 4-H Achievement Night that was scheduled for Nov. 16.

Despite the cancellation of the yearly event, 4-H still wants to celebrate its leaders and students who worked so hard throughout 2020 to make it a special year despite trying circumstances.

Below are the 2020 Achievement Night award winners for Moffat County 4-H.

Outstanding 4-H Leaders:

Diane Calim, Dog Leader

Nikki Mowdy, Rabbit and Poultry Leader

Outstanding 4-H Member:

Zackery Durham

4-H Council Recognition:

2020 Council Officers:

President: Sydnie Harding                  

Vice President: Michael Sigmon

Secretary: Deanna Floeter

Treasurer: Kayden Grinolds                                                   

2020 Club Representatives:           

Sand Springs –   Cashton Counts, Kayden Grinolds

Maybell Rustlers –  Orion Musser, Deanna Floeter

Outstanding Council Member:

Deanna Floeter

Leader Advisors:

Lara Sigmon

Daniel Floeter

2021 Council Officers:

President: Michael Sigmon

Vice President: Deanna Floeter

Secretary: Orion Musser

Treasurer: Kayden Grinolds

Leader Advisors: Lara Sigmon and Dan Floeter

Outstanding General Project Awards:

Animal Science:      

Intermediate Champion: Michael Sigmon

Senior Champion: Tara Brumblow

Natural Resources: 

Junior Champion: Teagan Siminoe

Junior Reserve Champion: Gabriel Miles

Intermediate Champion:  Wyatt Dade

Intermediate Reserve Champion: Arianna Anderson

Senior Champion: Brad Tomasovic

Senior Reserve Champion: Levi Greenhow

Consumer Science: 

Junior Champion: Aberdeen Anderson

Junior Reserve Champion: Caithness Anderson

Communication, Arts & Leisure Sciences:                                                    Junior Champion: Aberdeen Anderson

Junior Reserve Champion: Caithness Anderson

Intermediate Champion: Jolene Rhyne

Intermediate Reserve Champion: Caedmon Anderson

Senior Champion: Carter Green        

Senior Reserve Champion: Tara Brumblow

Biological Science: 

Intermediate Champion: Rye Ocker 

Mechanical Science:                                   

Intermediate Overall Champion: Tate Green

Fashion Revue: 

Intermediate Overall Champion: Deanna Floeter

Intermediate Overall Reserve Champion: Cheyenne Grivy

Senior Overall Champion: Hannah Mint

Shooting Sports High Point Awards:


Senior Grand Champion: Joey Gates                             

Senior Reserve Champion: Forrest Siminoe

Junior Grand Champion: Hannah Miles            

Junior Reserve Champion: Gabriel Miles            

Air Pistol

Senior Grand Champion: Tayla Siminoe                                    

Junior Grand Champion: Arianna Anderson                              

.22 Pistol

Senior Grand Champion: Rylee Villard  

Senior Reserve Champion: Tayla Siminoe                        

Air Rifle

Senior Grand Champion: Joey Gates                             

Senior Reserve Champion: Forrest Siminoe                      

Junior Grand Champion: Arianna Anderson                              

Junior Reserve Champion: Ryan Durham            


Senior Grand Champion: Alexander Nichols      

Senior Reserve Champion: Kimber Wheeler

Junior Grand Champion: Kaison Martinez        

Junior Reserve Champion: Haven Carr     

Muzzle Loading

Grand Champion Senior: Brad Tomasovic

Outstanding Dog Exhibitor Award: Rye Ocker

Outstanding Poultry Exhibitor: Zayne St. Martin

Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor: Michael Sigmon

Outstanding Horseman Award: Trinity Boulger

Breeding Goat Award: Tara Brumblow

Breeding Beef Award: Payton Voloshin

Breeding Sheep Award Trinity Boulger

Best Kept Dog Records:

1st Year Dog Records:            

5th: Indy Mayer               

4th: Shelbee Cox               

3rd: Audri Henderson       

2nd: Jayden Hill                

1st: Tristen Counts           

Advanced Dog Records:        

5th: Allison Jacobson        

4th: Travis LeFevre           

3rd: Rye Ocker      

2nd: Michael Sigmon         

1st: Kayden Grinolds

Best Kept Horse Records:

Junior Horse Records:

3rd : Chance Knez                         

2nd: Piper Schnackenberg  

1st: Ashlyn Skufca                      

Intermediate Horse Records: 

4th: Deanna Floeter                       

3rd: Evelyn Hume                        

2nd: Abigail Martinez                   

1st: Jolene Rhyne            

Senior Horse Records:           

5th: Aliyah Schmidt                     

4th: Grady Anson                        

3rd: Torin Gray                            

2nd: Payton Voloshin                   

1st: Michael Voloshin                   

Best Kept Livestock Records:

One Enterprise Junior:           

5th: Zayne St. Martin                                

4th: Makenna Comstock                                      

3rd: Caithness Anderson                                         

2nd: Piper Schnackenberg              

1st: Brook Daniels            

One Enterprise Intermediate: 

5th: Mitchell Hume                                     

4th: Cashton Counts                                  

3rd: Kaleb Duzik                          

2nd: Rye Ocker                                                       

1st: Koy Weber                                                      

One Enterprise Senior:           

5th: Sydnie Harding                                                

4th: Tanner Musser                                               

3rd: Tara Brumblow                                               

2nd: Pepper Rhyne                                      

1st: Wyatt Hume                                       

Overall One Enterprise: (age not a factor)      

5th: Koy Weber                             

4th: Wyatt Hume                                                                                                  

3rd: Caithness Anderson              

2nd: Piper Schnackenberg                                                  

1st: Brook Daniels                          

Two Enterprise Junior: 

4th: Shelbee Cox                            

3rd: Joseph Bacon            

2nd: Ashlyn Skufca                         

1st: Zachary Winters                                              

Two Enterprise Intermediate:

5th: Cactus Barnes                        

4th: Taylen Hume                        

3rd: Evelyn Hume                                                                                    

2nd: Jolene Rhyne                        

1st: Joslyn Bacon 

Two Enterprise Senior:

3rd: Easton Ekroth                        

2nd: Michael Voloshin                                           

1st: Payton Voloshin          

Overall Two Enterprise: (age not a factor)    

5th: Ashlyn Skufca                                      

4th: Zachary Winters                                                                                            

3rd: Jolene Rhyne                                                   

2nd: Payton Voloshin                    

1st: Joslyn Bacon                         

Three Enterprise Intermediate:          

3rd : Marilee Mowdy        

2nd: Michael Sigmon                                                                                             

1st: Tate Green                             

Three Enterprise Senior:                    

1st: Trinity Boulger                      

Five Enterprise Senior:                      

1st: Dustin McLaughlin               

Overall 3 & 5 Enterprise: (age not a factor)                    

4th: Trinity Boulger                      

3rd: Marilee Mowdy                    

2nd: Michael Sigmon                     

1st: Tate Green                                         

Overall Top 5 Record Books: (age & enterprise not a factor)           

5th: Jolene Rhyne             

4th : Payton Voloshin                    

3rd: Piper Schnackenberg  

2nd: Brook Daniels            

1st: Joslyn Bacon             

2020 Leaders

Amanda Ott
Anna Floeter
Ashley Boulware
Betty Ann Duzik
Chris Rhyne
Cutter Polly
Dana Miller
Daniel Floeter
David Brumblow
Dawn Pitha
Elizabeth Calim
Erin Musser
Heather Brumblow
Jason Ahlstrom
Jason Wheeler
Jody Lee
John Pitha
Kacey Green
Katie Wheeler
Katrina Springer
Lara Sigmon
Mardi Anson
Michael Tomasovic
Monique Williams
Nancy McStay
Nicole Mowdy
Pat Duzik
Paul Jazwick
Red Lee
Sarah Bacon
Sarah Polly
Shawn Polly
Shirley Balleck
Stephanie Ahlstrom
Taanna Georgiou
Tim Duzik

Herdsman Award:     Elkhead Wranglers 4-H Club

Homegrown Market Beef Award:   Taylen Hume

Outstanding Black Angus ExhibitorPayton Voloshin

Rookie of the Year Awards:

General Projects:

Champion Junior: Caithness Anderson, Photography    

Champion Intermediate: Wyatt Dade, Sportfishing

Champion Senior: Katie Coene, Small Engines   

Animal Projects:

Champion Junior: Zayne St. Martin, Market Turkey                

Champion Intermediate: Abigail Martinez, Horse        

Supreme Market Beef Award: Taylen Hume

Supreme Market Goat AwardAlasca Rae Anthony

Supreme Market Swine Award: Caithness Anderson

Supreme Market Lamb Award: Garrett Anson

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