Moffat County 4-H a family affair for the Andersons |

Moffat County 4-H a family affair for the Andersons

The Anderson family
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The Anderson family has been one of the most active families in the Moffat County 4-H, as the family engages in multiple activities at the fair including leather craft, visual arts, photography and cake decorating.

The Anderson family has been involved in 4-H for around 80 years. Mark Anderson’s grandfather was in 4-H in the 1940s or 50s. His mother was also part of 4-H as a kid. Mark himself joined the 4-H when he was a kid in the mid 1980s, around 1984 or 1985.

His passion growing up was involving livestock, especially the livestock judging competitions. As he got older, Mark even coached teams in the livestock judging competitions to state titles. After years away from 4-H, his family moved back to Craig and his kids joined the organization in 2015.

Mark Anderson grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, which with him taking care of cattle on the ranch, opened his eyes up to 4-H. While working on his family’s ranch and 4-H, he became very passionate about exhibit hall activities, such as leather craft and the rope craft, horticulture and agronomy.

In fact, Caithness Anderson, Mark Anderson’s daughter, has placed in the top 9 multiple times in a number of different categories.

Some of the categories that Caithness has competed in include the “Making the Cut” competition, and Cake Decorating Unit 2 Junior. In the cake decorating competition, she finished second as the reserve champion. She competed in the advanced leather carving junior circuit and won also.

Mark Anderson talked about his daughter’s drive to compete.

“A lot is just raw talent; she’s good,” Anderson said. “She’s very driven when it comes to those types of things. She enjoys competition and she always strives to be the best at things and she also loves trying new things.”

Caithness Anderson also won the 4-H Rookie of the Year last year for the juniors as a result of her taking on a woodworking project that went all the way to the state fair before finishing top five there.

Her brother, Caedmon Anderson, has also competed in multiple categories. Some of the categories that Caedmon has competed in in the past were Finishing up Intermediate.

All of the Anderson children are passionate about different areas within 4-H.

“I’d say I have one that loves doing leather; another one loves the livestock and all she wants to do is show market hogs and steers and if it’s a heifer show, putting them in,” Anderson said. “And then my oldest, my boy, his big thing is he’s really into doing artwork, and those kinds of things; tremendous artist, writer, really involved in things like to learn paleontology and things like that.”

Anderson also appreciates the fact that he sees good sportsmanship and teamwork coming out his family’s participation in 4-H.

“It’s great to congratulate somebody who you’ve been competing against when they win and it’s just, it’s all about growing and getting better about what they do and I think they really understand that and they are really supportive of each other.”

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