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Mixed emotions, reactions on anniversary

9/11: Still remembering 7 years later

Jennifer L. Grubbs

As day was preparing to break on Wednesday, 12 members of the Craig Rotary Club headed out on the wet street, flags and cement buckets in tow. They hung up the flags all down Victory Way and Yampa Avenue in remembrance of an event that happened seven years ago, Sept. 11, 2001.

“It’s something we felt we needed to do,” said Randy Looper, Rotary treasurer. “Even if it’s not an official holiday, it should be remembered – a national day of remembrance.”

The club members spent about an hour in the pre-dawn morning setting up the flags, which flew all day yesterday, despite sporadic rain

showers and even some hail.

It was a day when people throughout town were commemorating the events of seven years ago, each in their own way – even the skeptics.

There were two people traversing through downtown Craig in the rain, carrying signs decrying the 9/11 attacks as a staged political event. They handed out DVDs with information about their points of view.

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However, the flags were a solemn reminder that nearly 3,000 people died that day seven years ago. And they are remembered.