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Mission will fulfill long-held dream from Craig woman

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By Thomas R. Martinez
Autumn Tatman poses at Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs in November.She was on a hike with some friends.
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Autumn TatmanJob: Fifth-grade teacher, Sunset Elementary
Age: 27Background: She moved here from Spearfish, South Dakota where she graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education from Black Hills State University. She was born in Casper, Wyoming, but grew up in both Loveland, Colorado with her mom and Casper with her dad. She graduated high school from Natrona County High School in Casper.

Sunset Elementary School teacher Autumn Tatman will put her skills in the classroom to the test in a refugee village in Masese, Uganda, this summer.

She will be teaching at a Christian school and providing community impact support for the village.

Tatman thinks she will enjoy her mission trip, which will be from July 9-23.

“I am most looking forward to what I will learn from the people of Masese,” she said. “God is putting me there for a reason, and I can’t wait to learn what that reason is.”

The Daily Press talked with Tatman to learn more about her upcoming mission trip:

Q: Why did you choose this mission?

A: My aunt, Jean Kaye Wilson, is the founder of the organization, H.E.L.P. International, which provides poverty stricken communities all over the world with support. We have been discussing the possibility of me going to Uganda for years, but it was never a good time. I was in school, or I had just gotten my job here, or other life seemed to be coming up. This past year was a difficult one for me, I had many personal trials that I would not have made it trough if it wasn’t for God. During my time praying for clarity, my Aunt once again approached me about Uganda, I decided that was clear enough, and God wanted me to go for a reason and I know I’ll find out when I get there what that reason is exactly. The opportunity to teach in Uganda with God as the foundation is my true reason for choosing to go, but the opportunity to see what clarity God has waiting for me there is another.

Q: What made you interested in mission work?

A: God has guided me through this life, there are times I have walked close with him, and times I have strayed away, but he is always there when I need him. I have become interested in mission work more so in the last year due to the trials I have faced and conquered only with God close by my side. I want to share that love with the world, through my teaching and actions.

Q: What are you least looking forward to on your mission trip?

A: I am least looking forward to seeing first hand why the yellow fever shot is required to get into Africa (mosquitos)!!

Q: How do you expect to help people on your mission?

A: My hope is to support the full-time teachers at the school, providing them with the knowledge I have acquired in my schooling and experience teaching in Craig to provide the children of Masese with skills to be life-long learners and be successful in their world.

Q: What do you expect to learn on your mission?

A: On my mission, I don’t quite know what I will learn. I feel I will find clarity in a way I didn’t expect to find it. I feel I will learn a great deal about the culture of the Ugandan people and what trials they have faced. I also hope to learn from the teachers there and bring back new knowledge to my classroom.

Q: What else should people know about you/your mission? 

A: The organization my aunt founded, HELP International has purchased my ticket, which takes funds away from the organization . I started a GoFundMe page prior to the purchase of the ticket in hopes to raise the funds for my mission. Since the ticket has already been purchased, all funds will go to the organizations reimbursement so we can continue to support the communities in need. Here’s a link to my  go fund me page: https://www.gofundme.com/autumnafrica. 
Go fund me takes about 8 percent of the funds you raise, so financial support can also be mailed directly to HELP International with Autumn to Africa on the note part of the check. HELP International 
1041 S. County Road 3, Johnstown, CO 80534.

For more information on HELP International and all they do, visit their website:

Also, if anyone has any direct questions for me, they can email me at autumntatman@gmail.com



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