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Mike Flannery: Rummel is mistaken

Mike Flannery

I read with fascination the stories about Mr. Rummel and what he and some of his peers are proposing. It seems to me that he is asking just the opposite of what gun control advocates are asking for. I would not expect a whole community to conform to my beliefs or values. I am not an advocate of gun control, but I do think that two wrongs seldom make a right.

As far as economics, why aren’t we asking why the land out by Walmart is going undeveloped? Why aren’t we offering some kind of incentives to try to attract a business here? Hunting is very important to our economy in Craig. If someone chooses to not come and hunt here as a protest, it seems that I might have a better chance of getting the hunting license I am trying to draw.

I still amazed at what people think is important, like “the killer deer of Craig” and forcing someone to own a gun. This is America, and we all have a right to an opinion.

Mike Flannery



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