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Mike Anson: 3A would enhance learning

Mike Anson

— To the editor:

The primary purpose of 3A is to improve the infrastructure and facilities of the Moffat County School District. The intent is to enhance the overall learning environment for our children. However, improved facilities will provide benefits to nearly every member of our community whether or not they are directly involved with education.

School facilities are made available to a wide-range of individuals and organizations too numerous to list here. Youth sports, 4-H groups, Girls & Boy Scouts, health fairs, community concerts and Special Olympics all come to mind. The schools provide meeting space for education clinics and socially conscious organizations like RADD and COMA. The list goes on and on.

In fact, noneducational use of school facilities totals nearly 4,000 hours each year.

The use of our schools beyond the traditional sense of education is an important and essential component of our wonderful community. In my mind, improving these facilities to make them healthier and safer for continued public use is an important aspect of 3A, and one which can be easily overlooked.

I would urge everyone to vote yes on 3A to help keep out community structure strong.

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Mike Anson