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Michelle E. Hale CH.t: Letter to Editor


Covinton & Burling revealed a document in 1992 about what some of 614

differnt additives in cigarettes. Here are just a few. Acetone, a

toxic solvent . Cyanhydic acid, used in gas chambers. Methanol used in

rocket fule, antifreeze and solvants. Urethan and Tovene, used in

industrial solvents. Nicotine, is in Moth repellent. Arsenic, a lethal

poisen. Cadmium used in batteries. DDT an insectices outlawed in the

United States. Vinyl chloride, used in plastic material, and of course

Carbon monoxide. There is also a radio active compound, Polonium 210.

But it doesn’t stop there. Diammonium phosphate, a fertilizer and fire

retardant. Urea, is URINE. Levulinic acid, this concentrates, and

increases nicotine in cigarettes.

What is often not understood in the amount of sugar that is added to

tobacco, both chewing and cigarettes. There are also flavor enhancers

some of which are also poisenous. Here is a small list of these

compounds. Cocoa shells, Licorice, St. John’s Bread – carob. Prune

juice concentrate, and Angelica Root (very poisenous species.) There is

also Dandelion root extract. Sugar is added to produce a more mild

smoke and boosting potency of the smoke. There is more. Phillip

Morris Reynold lists 158 different attitives and 137 of them are

flavorants, few that were ever meant to be enhaled. Begamot oil,

fenugreek extract, geranium bourbon oil, ethyl vanillin, tangerine oil,

sandalwood and something called immortelle extract. A pinch of

cardamom, cinnamon oil, coffee, coriander, camomile and of course, corn

syrup. Your going to love this one. There is a compound called “civet

absolute” that turns out to be a secretion from the anal gland of a

civet cat. There is more! Castoreum a secretion from a Siberian


These many combonations here help the efficiency of the nicotien and the

binding in the brain. Cocoa is added for the armoa, but also for its

impact as a bronchodilator: Cocoa contains a alkaloid theobromine which

makes it easy for the lungs to recieve the smoke.

Cigarettes paper, has bleach and glues. Sometimes even accelerants are

added. There are also other compounds added to enhance the color of the

ash. Some tobacco companies have add in the “contamination factor.”

Things like rubber bands, machine belts, lubricans, ink, glass fibers

plastics and color stains. There is also bugs, and worms.

Please do not smoke around your children. Toxin stay on your clothes

and skin. One cigarette is equal to 3 to 4 to a child.

Michelle E. Hale CH.t.

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