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Michael Lausin: Don’t fall for it

There is no such thing as the Microsoft, Dell or HP Support Centers that will call you on the phone saying that your computer is reporting errors to them or that your Windows license has run out.

This also includes those scary red, yellow or blue screens that come up while you were on MSN, Yahoo, AOL or Facebook that says that your computer is infected and that you should call an 8xx number right away to get it taken care of.

These calls and web screens are a scam!

All these cretins want to do is get on your computer, steal your information and then mess up your computer. If you are one of the unfortunate few who have paid these scam artists, you should be watching your credit card statements very closely and also see if you can stop the payment.

If you sent them a check, close that account. By having a check they can use the bank routing and account numbers to have checks printed at any of the many internet check refill services and they can then write checks against your account. You also shouldn’t use a debit card on the internet, as this is a direct link to your bank account.

Tell your family, friends and neighbors about these scams!

Michael Lausin