Meth dealers in Craig take plea deals |

Meth dealers in Craig take plea deals

Erin Fenner

Three of Moffat County’s methamphetamine dealers are paying the price.

Shelly Boyer and Justine Cline had Felony 3 charges of distributing methamphetamine accepted plea bargains this past week to avoid long-term incarcerations.

Shelly Boyer, of Craig, accepted a 20-year sentence on Wednesday in lieu of facing a jury trial where she could’ve been handed a 176-year sentence. Her husband Robert Boyer had plead guilty in September and accepted a plea deal where he took a 20-year sentence instead of 64 years if he had gone to trial.

“With the pleas and sentencing of (Shelly and Robert Boyer), two of the largest distributors of methamphetamine in Moffat County, are now on their way to prison,” said District Attorney Brett Barkey in a statement.

Justin Cline also accepted a long prison sentence on Friday at Moffat County Courthouse for the distribution of methamphetamine instead of going up against a jury trial.

Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz said the hefty prison sentences reveal the gravity of the crimes these individuals committed.

“That tells you the seriousness of the actions of those individuals,” he said. This sets a statement to those who are out there that we haven’t backed off. Our DA is not soft on prosecution on these crimes.”

Shelly Boyer had 11 prior felony convictions stacked against her, Robert Boyer had six prior convictions and Cline had three.

Barkey offered thanks to the Craig Police Department, the All Crimes Enforcement Team and the Moffat Sheriff’s Office in his statement.

“Because there is more work to do, our law enforcement team will continue its efforts to identify and apprehend those who would profit from distributing this terrible drug in our community,” he said.

Jantz agreed there was a lot of work left to do.

“The drug trade is increasing again. It ebbs and flows,” he said.

But, because he wants to protect the community, Jantz said, he will continue to make drug enforcement a priority.

“I will never back off drug enforcement,” he said.

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