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‘Messiest Garage’ winner will be announced Saturday

Nicole Inglis
One of the six garages that were nominated for the "Craig's Messiest Garage" contest put on by the Craig Daily Press. The winner, who will receive a free "garage makeover," will be announced Saturday.
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Signed shoes from Denver Nuggets players from the 1980s, a signed Michael Jordan picture, and books upon books of neon basketball cards sounds like a little boy’s dream.

The only problem is the little boy, Roman Arguello, is now 30 and lives in upstate New York. His sports memorabilia is packed into a plastic box, sitting on an unsteady shelf in the Arguello’s garage in Craig.

Mary Ann Arguello, who has stored more than two decades of junk on the shelves in her garage, is a contestant in the “Craig’s Messiest Garage” contest put on by the Craig Daily Press.

Six garages across Craig have been nominated, and the voting ended Wednesday.

The winning garage will receive a garage makeover, including supplies from Samuelson True Value and 16 hours of labor from Flint Personnel Services.

And garages like the Arguello’s might need it.

Arguello’s daughter, Sarah, 27, who is home on break from medical school in New Orleans, said her parents used to be packrats.

“They just don’t get rid of stuff very often,” she said. “One year, they left a bunch of snow globes out here from Christmas. When we found them, the water had expanded and they had all exploded.”

Boxes of Christmas wreaths and lights, which don’t get used every year, Mary Ann Arguello said, are piled on shelves. Old cross-country skis and boots lie dust-ridden against the walls.

Sarah said she and her brother come home every few years and like to go skiing.

There is room for a car to park in the garage, but if one did, no one would be able to get in or out of the doors, Mary Ann Arguello said.

The current garage isn’t at the house where the Arguello children grew up, and when their parents moved into a smaller house, it all had to be crammed together.

There’s even a dusty red box marked “baby clothes.”

“Some things are just hard to give up,” said Mary Ann, an administrative assistant at the Moffat County School District. “Year by year we go through it and delete things. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to give all of (our kids) things back to them.”

Roman Arguello’s sports memorabilia is mixed in with his yearbooks from his years in the Moffat County School District. His school ID and toys – including a case of an old Bubble Tape box and neon-haired troll dolls, – radiate the colors and memories of the 1980s.

While they were growing up, the Arguello kids’ uncle was an athletic trainer for the Denver Nuggets, and Roman sometimes got to be a ball boy on the floor of the Pepsi Center, which is where the occasional pro player would give him an enormous autographed shoe.

Mary Ann Arguello doesn’t think her son would be too upset if he got rid of his things, but she doesn’t plan on it.

“I feel like if he looked at it, he might not want me to,” she said. “Someday, I’ll give it all back to him.”

Most of the memories packed away in the garage are from when Sarah and Roman Arguello were growing up.

Mary Ann Arguello said she stopped collecting things when her children moved away. Now, she said she is looking for some organization and order in her garage.

“Less is more,” she said. “And I would like less. Less things and more room.”

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