Memorial Regional Health takes step toward return of gynecological services |

Memorial Regional Health takes step toward return of gynecological services

Dr. Robert Samuelson will provide part-time GYN services at MRH following the completion of his on-boarding in roughly 90 days

More than a year after cutting the OB/GYN service line at Memorial Regional Health due to financial issues and a significant decline in births and overall cases, gynecological services will return to MRH in the coming months, according to CEO Andy Daniels.

Daniels provided an update during the March 25 Board of Trustees meeting, stating that the health organization is working on on-boarding Dr. Robert Samuelson to handle part-time work as a GYN provider for Craig and Moffat County residents.

“This is just part time GYN, not the OB side,” Daniels said in a March 29 interview. “We have a population of females that need GYN care that don’t need OB care in our community. It’s a baby step; we don’t know that it’s ever going to be practical to bring OB back, but it’s a baby step to bring back GYN in a limited capacity that many will benefit from.”

MRH shut down its OB/GYN operations indefinitely Jan. 11, 2020 due to declining birth rates in Moffat County and financial challenges. The hospital made that announcement on Dec. 10, 2019.

Now, MRH is bringing the GYN service line back in a limited capacity with Dr. Samuelson, who has many years of experience in gynecology in Arizona and Connecticut.

“He’s toward the end of his career and has family in the area, so he was looking for a part-time gig for at least 5 years or so, which is good for us,” Daniels said. “We had three candidates apply and went through a series of interviews and chose Dr. Samuelson. He’s a very personable person, and I think people will really take to him and like him.”

According to Daniels, the on-boarding process for Samuelson could take up to 90 days, as Dr. Samuelson just obtained his Colorado license to practice.

“It usually takes us a good 90 days to get a new hire enrolled with our carriers,” Daniels said. “Insurance carriers are usually the slowest at completing the enrollment process, while medicare and medicaid are usually faster. Now that he has his Colorado license, we can get him enrolled in-network and get him to start seeing patients in the future.”

Dr. Samuelson completed a residency at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, and is affiliated with Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Connecticut.

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