Memorial Hospital to spend $61,000 on new equipment |

Memorial Hospital to spend $61,000 on new equipment

Lee Harstad

— During the August Board of Trustees meeting, The Memorial Hospital (TMH) received approval to purchase new equipment.

In all, $61,669.53 was allocated for new equipment and grounds repair. This figure is within budget as the total budgeted amount was $64,760, a difference of $3,090.47.

The operating room will receive new accessories to help in patient care. These items include a shaver with foot pedal and a laparascope for orthopedic and general surgery procedures; $8,748.45; a lens cutter for use in emergency post cataract surgery; $561; a tourniquet for orthopedic cases, interchangeable with the tourniquet the hospital owns; $4,305.70; and a stainless steel back table that will be able to hold eight to 12 trays of sterile equipment; $889.

The Cardiopulmonary Department requested a storage and shelving cart system that will enable inpatient supplies to be closer to the patient. A closet will no longer be necessary as these particular carts can be stored independently. This particular system is mobile and can be used in the future after possible remodeling or relocation. Price of the carts; $4,456.80.

The Board also approved the purchase of a Datacard 295 Series Card Personalization system. This type of system replaces the one bought in 1987 and will allow patients to have identification cards that will immediately display information about a patient. Cost for this new system; $13,690.

In an attempt to make a patient’s visit more comfortable and private, $4,788.58 was allocated to purchase cubicle curtains for three different units in the hospital.

Proposals to improve entrances of the hospital were also approved. A sidewalk replacement will take place with curb and repair of asphalt paving also included for the price of $3,850. A loading dock with curb cut and repair of asphalt paving will be done for $10,150. The kitchen dock and ramp will also be replaced with an additional 5-feet, 3-inch section at a cost of $1,970. TMH will purchase tubing for the heating system for $800.

Lighting on Russell Street is another part of the proposal.