Memorial funds for Tory Tovar’s family available |

Memorial funds for Tory Tovar’s family available

Janelle O'Dea
Tory Tovar holds his son, Caemden, shortly after his Oct. 9 birth at The Memorial Hospital. Multiple funds have been started to help Caemden's mother, Haley Bellin-VanGrandt, raise the baby following his father's death.
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After the tragedy in Craig last week, community members may wonder how they can help Tory Tovar’s girlfriend, Haley Bellin-VanGrandt, and her 2-month-old son, Caemden.

Bellin-VanGrandt and Tovar set up a savings account for Caemden at Yampa Valley Bank not long before the Dec. 19 accident that ended Tovar’s life occurred. Community members can donate to the account by donating to Yampa Valley Bank and specifying to tellers that the donations are for Caemden’s account.

People also can donate in person or through a check in the mail to Grant Mortuary’s Tory Tovar Memorial Fund. Jesse Arthurs, manager at the mortuary, said community members should designate in check memos that it’s for the Tory Tovar Memorial Fund. He said all of the funds would be going directly to Bellin-VanGrandt to support Caemden.

Neither Yampa Valley Bank nor Grant Mortuary is charging a fee for donations.

Bellin-VanGrandt’s mom also set up a GoFundMe account, though GoFundMe does take a percentage of donations.

Bellin-VanGrandt said she appreciates the community’s support. Although some donations have been anonymous, she wants to thank everyone for what they’ve done so far.

She also said many people have approached and asked how they can help, and she’s still searching for an answer.

“It’s hard to wrap my head around the thought of this thing being real, let alone thinking about what I need,” Bellin-VanGrandt said.

But she does want the community to know that any money donated to her is going to help her child and isn’t for her. She’ll use it to buy diapers and formula and pay for his medical bills.

Tovar wouldn’t have wanted it this way, she said.

“I know Tory would rather be here to support his kid instead of have the community do this when he’s gone,” Bellin-VanGrandt said. “I just want to make that clear, that it’s not my money; it’s not about me at all. It’s about Caemden; I lost the love of my life, but he lost his dad.”

The grieving mother and son will not be doing Christmas this year. Bellin-VanGrandt said Caemden isn’t old enough right now to miss it, anyway. Next year may be hard because it “may just bring back memories,” but she’ll cross that bridge when she comes to it. Getting through one day is difficult enough right now.

After Tovar’s funeral at 2 p.m. Saturday at Moffat County High School in the auditorium, Bellin-VanGrandt said she is leaving town to be with her uncle and get away from everything for a while.

“It’s a hard thing to deal with,” she said. “I never thought at 20 years old, I’d be doing this.”

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