Melvin and Joni Snyder: A stitch in time … |

Melvin and Joni Snyder: A stitch in time …

First of all, kudos to Johnny Garcia for planning the Fourth of July Parade. Look what he started. It was such a good one this year, and also, thanks to all those who cooked and served the barbecue in the park afterwards.

As we were looking around the part to some of the previous Whittle the Wood statues, we were so disappointed at the state of disrepair they are in. We have some that are 20 years old, and they look great, because we treat them every year. It doesn’t take much to do that. The product we use to treat them is very reasonably priced. I talked to one of the council members last year and was told that, because they are in such bad shape, they will now have to sandblasted with ground nut shells. Of course, now it is going to be much more expensive to fix them.

Hasn’t anyone ever heard the old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine”? We think maybe the Parks and Recreation Department should be accountable for this. Are all the new carvings that are so fantastic in for the same neglect?

We we elect folds to the boards (county commissioners, school board, city council, etc.) we expect them to be able to make decisions. However, they don’t seem to be able to, so they hire outside consultants at a high price to make hard decisions. If that money were spend on doing maintenance on entities such as the carvings, the high school, Breeze School and the hospital building, just to name a few, those entities probably could have been saved if maintenance had been done on them through the years.

We think if the castles were in Craig, there wouldn’t be any left!

Melvin and Joni Synder