Megan Marshall: Standing behind sheriff’s deputies

I would like to take a moment to address an article that was in Thursday’s paper and that I also heard mention of on the radio.

The article was about the recent speeding stop made by Sheriff’s Deputy Courtland Folks, which resulted in a drug bust of 30 pounds of marijuana.

Hmmm. Thirty pounds does not sound like medicinal marijuana. The district attorney, according to the paper and radio, thought the search that was done on the vehicle was not done correctly and she thought it was unethical or not legal to charge them with a crime. Ethical: a system of moral standards.

So is it not the district attorney’s position to help bring those who are breaking the laws, which are based on our societies moral standards of right and wrong, to justice so that they will pay for their crimes and not hurt others?

Why did this case not go before the court to help decide the right and wrong? Why is it that Chief Deputy District Attorney Amy Fitch was the one to make this decision?

So why enforce any of our laws if the district attorney thinks that in doing so is unethical?

I also would challenge her to point out what the deputy did wrong in the search so that in the future this situation would not happen again.

For the record, it is my understanding that he did nothing wrong and actually made sure that he documented everything he did and why he did the search and based it on law enforcement standards for a vehicle search.

So once again, our law enforcement is doing a great job, but not our judicial system.

I want to end by saying thank you, Deputy Folks, for your hard work and efforts to stop drug dealers. The DA may not be behind you, but I, for one, am.

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