Meeting to offer info about Maybell School |

Meeting to offer info about Maybell School

The Moffat County School District will host an informational meeting Monday night to discuss the changes to the educational system at the Maybell School for the coming school year.

The Maybell School, open to students in kindergarten through eighth-grade, will be implementing a new curriculum this year called STEAM, a takeoff on the STEM education emphasizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The subject of arts is also included in some iterations of STEM, making the title STEAM, but Maybell's version takes that idea one step further with exponents on the E and A, adding energy and agriculture.

"It lets kids know about the agricultural and energy opportunities that are out there for them in Moffat County," Superintendent Joe Petrone said. "I think with the uniqueness of Maybell, it makes really good sense to have a focus in those areas."

Amber Clark will make a presentation on the STEAM system at the meeting, which is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at Ridgeview Elementary.

"We'll be talking about how the curriculum is changing to meet the needs of a small, rural schoolhouse, but the meeting will also address parental concerns and the logistics of getting Craig kids who want to go to Maybell," she said.

Clark served as interim principal of Ridgeview last year and will stay in the position permanently at the Craig school this year while working as principal for Maybell, as well.

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The reason the meeting will be at Ridgeview is to give Craig residents an idea of what is available to them about 30 miles west on Highway 40, while gathering at a convenient location. Clark said she expects to see mostly Craig parents for her presentation and subsequent Q and A session since the majority of Maybell families are already familiar with the school.

"Each community emphasizes different aspects that they want to be valued and to be touched on in their educational system," she said. "I think we're trying to stay true to that in Maybell in our curriculum, and I think it's important that Maybell is one of the last, if not the last, one-room schoolhouses in the state, so we'd hate to lose that opportunity and the flavor of the community because so much revolves around it."

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Maybell School meeting

6:30 p.m., Monday

Ridgeview Elementary School