Meet Moffat County’s mascot |

Meet Moffat County’s mascot

Daily Press quizzes Bulldog about his role at the school district

Andy Bockelman
The Moffat County High School Bulldog flexes his muscles and shows his support for breast cancer awareness during the varsity basketball pink games in February. The mascot is a fixture of the school and its sports.
Andy Bockelman

The Craig Daily Press recently caught up with the Moffat County High School Bulldog mascot himself to discuss the sports and activities of the institution he loves.

Craig Daily Press: All these years, I’ve only ever heard of you referred to as the Moffat County High School Bulldog. Do you have a proper name, or is that one of your great secrets?

Bulldog: My name is very top secret and nobody can know it because my identity is hidden so that the upcoming kids and other teams have no idea who I am and that way I can blow them away!

CDP: Speaking of secrets, what kind of things have you buried in the MCHS football field? If we dug up the Bulldog Proving Grounds, would we find chew toys, old book reports or something even more shocking?

B: There are lots of things buried in the field like old trophies that the team has won because those are a secret — I mean, I like to hide my bones there too so no other dog can find them!

CDP: Earlier in the school year, you got to ride in a helicopter as part of the Homecoming game. What was it like being the only airborne canine in Moffat County?

B: What can I say? I knew dogs could fly. It’s always been my dream to fly because I always see those silly winged things flying over my head, and I wanted to fly like they were. So me being the only canine has to be one of my greatest experiences.

CDP: How does the dog community feel about the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Back when I was a student, that was a big part of pep rallies and other activities, but nowadays you don’t hear it at MCHS. Is that because it wore out its welcome as a one-hit wonder, or does the tune come off as offensive with terms like “flea-bitten mongrels?”

B: The song has fallen off the Earth is what we dogs in Moffat County believe because we hear it once in a while but not all the time. We dogs like the song, thinking it’s humorous and great for the school to get pumped up with.

CDP: Is there a lot of temptation to chase after the ball when you see a fumble or incomplete pass on the field or court?

B: Tons of temptation. When I see the ball, all I want to do is play and catch the passes from the wonderful quarterback. But, every time I bark at them, they don’t throw it to me. One day they will, I hope…

CDP: My guess is you’d make a fine addition to any of the sports teams at the school, but if you had to pick one to play, which would it be?

B: I would play baseball because that tiny little ball gets hit far, which means I get to run farther and bring it back, plus they play catch with each other all the time so I would be an expert at the game.

CDP: If you were free to participate in other endeavors at MCHS, what groups would you join? Band, speech and debate, FFA, or would you want to do it all?

B: FFA would be my choice because they have lots of plants that I can play in and smell. Also they judge that yummy meat that I would love to eat. Plus, they are expert builders and mechanics so they could build me a doghouse to live in and something to make me move faster or fly higher then the helicopter did.

CDP: Does being colorblind affect your ability to cheer for Moffat County athletes, or do you have a system to remember which team is which?

B: I have a sense that I use that helps me sometimes. I can tell who is who because not only do our teams play the best, but they have a smell like me! They have that bulldog scent that I can smell and that’s how I know who to cheer for. Sometimes I smell myself and forget who I cheer for!

CDP: We never see you eat, but you must be well-fed to keep up your energy. Any favorite foods before game time? Purina, Kibbles n’ Bits or does your appetite demand something bigger?

B: I eat a ton of food before games so that my energy is well-filled for the cheering. I prefer Purina dog food over anything because it gives me lots of energy! Also I sneak away at the games to down a Beggin’ Strip or two or three before going back to the game for more cheering!

CDP: We’re sorry to reveal it this way, but our records indicate you never graduated from Moffat County Obedience School. Do you have any plans to obtain your diploma to set an example for future Bulldogs?

B: I have a plan hopefully soon to graduate and have my diploma so that the younger Bulldogs can one day grow up to be strong like me and also have the amazing brains like me! Because every student at Moffat County High School should be Bulldog smart and Bulldog strong! GO BULLDOGS, BARK BARK BARK!

— Interview by Andy Bockelman

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