Meet Craig Daily Press’ new editorial board |

Meet Craig Daily Press’ new editorial board

Noelle Leavitt Riley

I'm pleased to announce that the Craig Daily Press has formed a new Editorial Board that meets Wednesdays at the newsroom. The board will consider local issues and publish an editorial opinion on those issues each week in the Saturday Morning Press.

We met this Wednesday to discuss the kind of board we envision, and I'm thrilled that we're all on the same page about how we want to convey our thoughts to the community. We decided that we want to remain positive and try to look at both sides of all issues.

The goal is to offer carefully considered stances on issues of importance. Newspapers should foster healthy dialogue and debate about community issues. It is important that, in the interest of transparency, the newspaper offer its stance on issues that matter and offer space in return to those with opposing views.

We want to make sure a variety of community voices and perspectives are represented. That's the thought behind including community representatives on the Editorial Board.

We welcome presentations to the Editorial Board from individuals and advocacy groups. Of course, thoughts, feedback and input on local issues always are welcome.

If you have an issue on which you think the Editorial Board should take a stance or if you would like to be considered for Editorial Board membership in the future, contact me at 970-875-1790 or

Craig Daily Press Editorial Board members

• Noelle Leavitt Riley, Craig Daily Press managing editor

• Renee Campbell, Craig Daily Press general manager

• Amy Fontenot, Craig Daily Press office/circulation manager

• Randy Looper, owner of the Elk Run Inn

• Amanda Field, Wells Fargo home mortgage consultant in Craig

• Ken Wergin, retired