Medicine companies getting rich |

Medicine companies getting rich

To the Editor

To the Editor,
This has to do with the kind people who make our medicines.
I am well aware of the great amount of work and sacrifice involved. These people are dedicated to their work all in their efforts to help mankind. I for one am deeply grateful for their efforts.
During the process of finding and producing these drugs a great amount of money has to be spent, some by donation from private parties and government grants,all of which come directly from the people; after all, we all pay taxes.
These same people see fit to charge us high prices for the product which on the face of it would only seem fair, yet there is a lingering doubt in my mind as to the fairness of this due to the fact that these same products are distributed to Mexico and Canada for a small fraction of what we have to pay. We have paid for the time and work that goes into the creation and manufacturing of these medicines.
In this country at this time there is a great demand for medicine, especially by the older people.
There are incidents were a choice has to be made between medicine and food. If the prices were the same as Mexico, both could be attained.
In summing up, it would seem we have taken a beating on both ends of the bargain. It is just possible that there could be a tax break for our gift to our neighbors (just a thought).
Earl Davis,