Measure 4A to redistrict Moffat County Board of Education sees narrow passage |

Measure 4A to redistrict Moffat County Board of Education sees narrow passage

CRAIG — In one of the closest local contests on the ballot, Referred Measure 4A was too close to call when the first votes were counted at about 8:15 p.m. on election night.

With 40.41 percent of the ballots counted, yes votes (1,946) were lagging by nine over no votes (1,955). Ultimately, the measure passed, with 2,597 votes for and 2,488 against, as revealed by final results released at about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The measure will create five geographic districts and two at-large seats replacing the current structure of seven district seats and no at-large representation.

Now that it has been adopted, the measure will also allow the Moffat County School Board of Education to fill a seat left vacant for the past year when no one living in District 6 stepped forward to replace former school board President Darrell Camilletti.

Current School Board President JoAnn Baxter said she has had people interested in serving on the board, but under the current system, they were not qualified as a result of living outside District 6.

The new plan of representation will go into effect upon the canvas of election returns — when results are certified as official — set for later this month.

Once results are official the board will be able to declare the current vacancy in District 6 as an at-large vacancy, opening it to candidates living anywhere in Craig and Moffat County.

Candidates would need to qualify, submit a letter of intent, then submit to an interview before the board for selection.

If the seat is filled, the appointee would serve until November 2019, when the next school board elections are held. If the seat continues to remain open, or if similar circumstances arise in the future, the school board president is — after a specified period — allowed to appoint someone to the position.

“This should cure a problem in our inability to fill vacancies,” Baxter said.

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