MCSD Whiteboard: Congratulations and thanks after a great semester

Moffat County School District
MCSD Whiteboard

Another semester of school in Moffat County has come and gone, and, in the spirit of the season, it’s time for celebration. It’s time to celebrate the people who make Moffat County School District so great, and to thank them for all they do.

Of course, in an operation as large as this one, it’s impossible to list everyone who deserves the gratitude of our community, so we’ll stick to relatively broad strokes. But it’s worth it to give thanks.

Thank you to our educators, those who come to the workplace day-in and day-out ready to help our children learn and grow, strive and achieve. What would a school district be without the passionate dedication of these incredible folks?

Our district is great because our teachers are great. They love your kids. They sweat, weep and strain to deliver to them the education each one deserves. They are examples, they are shepherds, they are trusted adults, and they are darn good at teaching. We’re so grateful for them. Merry Christmas, teachers.

Thank you to our various superstar support staffs.

Thank you to our technology team, who keeps us connected.

Thank you to our transportation team, who gets us where we need to go.

Thank you to our maintenance team, who makes sure our buildings are sound (and, at this time of year, warm) as we learn.

Thank you to our human resources team, who takes care of our people and brings new folks into the fold.

Thank you to our safety and security team, who ensures we are safe at school.

Thank you to our janitorial staff, who keeps our spaces clean and ready.

Thank you to our nutrition team, who keeps us fed.

Thank you to our finance team, who makes sure we have what we need to thrive.

Thank you to our secretaries and assistants, who keep it all moving in the right direction.

Thank you to our school health techs, our speech language pathologists, our school psychologists, our school counselors, and all those who help our students be healthy and prepared to do their very best.

Thank you to our substitute teachers, who give our full-time educators room to breathe and heal, and who keep our students on track no matter what.

Thank you to our paraprofessionals, devoted individuals who help fill in gaps that would otherwise be left gaping wide.

Thank you to our coaches and advisors of all kinds, who help our students learn to be members of a team, to branch out and to strive for something more.

Thank you to our librarians, to our instructional coaches, to our literacy coaches, to our gifted and talented team, and to all who bring focus to the particular needs and opportunities of each and every young person in our district.

Thank you to our special education teachers, who ensure every child gets a great education at our schools.

And thank you, as much as to any of these, to our parents, who let us partner with them in their primary effort to raise great members of this community. We are so grateful you trust us with your children’s education, and we are so happy to be a part of your most critical work.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. We cannot overstate our gratitude and love for you. Moffat County is a great place to be. It’s because of you.

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