MCSD Whiteboard: A semester comes to a close

Moffat County School District

With December upon us and holiday season in full swing, it’s a magical time of year. At Moffat County School District, we hope every child has a special ramp up to the most wonderful time of the year, as well as a successful wrap up to the first semester of this school year.

It’s easy to take your eyes off the ball, especially when the twinkling lights of Christmastime are shining so brightly. But it’s important, at the same time that we make sure to take the opportunity to enjoy every moment of every season, that we remain dedicated to our efforts as students, parents and educators.

As the school year begins in the heat of August and September, it’s important to set goals both academic and social. As the cold sets in in December, it’s just as important to remain dialed-in and determined to achieve the goals we set back in the late summer.

So, for all of us involved in educating our great Moffat County kids, let’s remember to mix our festivities with focus.

What did you want to have done by now? Is there something you’re close on? Something you can turn up the intensity to complete? Pick some goals from the summer and recommit. Maybe you need to adjust your horizon lines, or maybe you just need to increase the pace.

There’s so much that can be done to ensure that a student’s semester finishes with success. And, as always, that will set students up for a great start to the second half of the year. How much better will Christmas break feel when you’ve got a great semester in your back pocket to look back on? How much more fun will it be to get back to it in January if you’ve reached some of your goals before the New Year?

Without taking one iota of merriment away from the merry season, this is just a reminder that grit pays off. It’s easy to get tired, get distracted, and get off track. Stay on target. Remember what you wanted to do when the semester began, and make it happen. You can do anything you set yourself to doing.

Here’s a holiday promise: You’ll never regret doing a good job. So go out, bear down and get it done. We believe in you, and we can’t wait to watch what you do and where you go.

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