MCHS runners off to Wisconsin |

MCHS runners off to Wisconsin

Bruce Tippets

The Moffat County High School cross country teams may have completed the season a week ago at the state meet, but three Bulldogs runners are off to the Footlocker Regional Championships in Kenosha, Wisc., Nov. 27.

Those runners are Kelly Christensen, a senior, Brett Duncan, a senior, and Colton Grinolds, a sophomore.

“We have never done this before and so I don’t know what it is going to be like,” said coach Mike Gleason. “I think that it will be exciting and it should be a fun trip with the three boys.”

Christensen paced the team at the state race by coming in fourth place and Grinolds crossed the line in 99th place.

Duncan broke his foot at the state meet and will still go on the trip, but will not participate in the race.

“It’s pretty exciting and it will be my biggest race by far,” said Christensen. “It will be a very hard race and there will be a lot of good runners there. Usually the top 30 runners get looked at by big-time colleges. My goal is to at least finish in the top 15.”

“You don’t qualify for the race, anybody could go,” said Gleason. “Since Kelly was top 10 in the state, those individuals get to wear a Colorado uniform over there.”

Grinolds and Christensen still run after school every day while Duncan swims.

“Even if they wouldn’t be going they would be training. Most of them are really dedicated,” said Gleason. “This will help them until we start running for track.”

According to Gleason, more than 400 runners will take part in the Wisconsin races.

“They have a varsity race for juniors and seniors,” said Gleason. “They also have a race for freshmen and sophomores. In the varsity race they will have 400 runners.

“From my understanding at that meet if you finish in the top 50 there will be some major colleges looking at you.”

Grinolds believes this experience will help him down the line.

“Running the race keeps me in shape and I still run between 50 miles a week,” said Grinolds. “In my race there will be about 300 runners. I will be in a freshmen and sophomore race. It will be a real good experience for me and hopefully there will be some scouts there.”

“I could have a chance to run, but I don’t want to hurt my foot worse,” said Duncan. “All I am doing is swimming. It’s going to heal fine. It will fun to watch the race.”


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