MCHS golf team returns from 4-day, 3-tournament stretch |

MCHS golf team returns from 4-day, 3-tournament stretch

Joshua Gordon

Within the first two weeks of the season, the Moffat County High School boys varsity golf team has already played more than half of their regular season tournaments.

The Bulldogs played three tournaments in four days from Aug. 15 to 18, and again from Monday to Thursday this week.

But, with the experience comes growth in the game, head coach Ken Harjes said.

"There is definitely wear on the guys from playing so many tournaments," Harjes said. "You have to be in different shape than other sports, but you still have to be in shape.

"But, as the year goes on, the schedule thins and the guys will have this experience to grow on."

The team started this week Monday at Rifle Creek Golf Course — the same course at which the 4A regional tournament takes place.

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Senior Parker King led the way with a 79 while fellow seniors Colby Haddan and Ethan O'Mailia shot a 97 and 98, respectively.

Sophomore Tyler Jenkins shot a 143.

Playing on the regional course early in the season, Harjes said, helps the golfers prepare all season for when they return.

"Early or late, it is always good to get a round of golf in on the regional course," he said. "Playing it early, however, allows the guys to see similar situations on other course and think, 'Hey, this is kind of like Rifle Creek,' and then get practice.

"No two golf holes in the world are the same, so if you get a chance to play the actual hole, you will be more confident next time around."

Harjes said Rifle Creek is tough and isn't sure if King's 79 will even be enough come the regional tournament.

"The back 9 is very difficult because it is more target golf," he said. "You have to hit your ball where you are aiming or you will end up in trouble."

Target golf, Harjes added, was the theme of the week, as the team finished up Wednesday at Eagle Vail Golf Course and Thursday at Gypsum Greek Golf Course.

"Compared to (Yampa Valley Golf Course), the courses we played this week are more narrow, which can make it tougher," he said. "The guys really had to concentrate on their aiming to keep their stroke count low.

"There wasn't much room for error."

King again led the team at Eagle Vail and Gypsum Creek, shooting an 83 and an 80, respectively.

O'Mailia improved his score throughout the week by shooting a 94 at Eagle Vail and an 87 at Gypsum Creek.

"Ethan shot a 9 on his last hole at Gypsum Creek or else he would have had an 84," Harjes said. "I thought he played well and played under-bogey golf, and he is playing towards where he wants to be at."

Senior Trey Jourgensen shot a 95 and 91, respectively, on Wednesday and Thursday while Haddan shot a 98 and 100.

Jenkins lowered his score from Rifle Creek, shooting a 115 at Eagle Vail and a 122 at Gypsum Creek.

Harjes said his team isn't exactly where he expected them to be, but with a friendlier schedule coming up, he expects lower scores to come.

"As a team, I thought we would finish higher, but our league is a lot tougher than I thought, as well," he said. "With everyone coming around and as long as they keep working hard, I think everyone will take strokes off."

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Individual scores from the Moffat County High School boys varsity golf team’s tournament Monday at Rifle Creek Golf Course:

(Name — score)

• Parker King — 79

• Colby Haddan — 97

• Ethan O’Mailia — 98

• Tyler Jenkins — 143

Individual scores from the Moffat County High School boys varsity golf team’s tournament Wednesday at Eagle Vail Golf Course in Avon:

• Parker King —83

• Ethan O’Mailia — 94

• Trey Jourgensen — 95

• Colby Haddan — 98

• Tyler Jenkins — 115

Individual scores from the Moffat County High School boys varsity golf team’s tournament Thursday at Gypsum Creek Golf Course:

• Parker King — 80

• Ethan O’Mailia — 87

• Trey Jourgensen — 91

• Colby Haddan — 100

• Tyler Jenkins — 122