MCHS freshman cheerleader going to Hawaii |

MCHS freshman cheerleader going to Hawaii

John Vandelinder

Michele Porter knew it was bound to happen.

From the first time she watched the Olympics with her 2-year-old daughter, Jordan, she could tell.

Jordan would use the family’s coffee table as a balance beam, would tumble and flip around the living room, and would somersault down the hallways.

That was then.

Now, Jordan is a freshman at Moffat County High School.

In her spare time she hangs out with her boyfriend, listens to hip-hop, gossips with friends and has an addiction to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “George Lopez” on television.

She might have grown up from her days of tumbling in the living room, but she never stopped bouncing around.

In fact, it’s beginning to pay off.

A cheerleader at MCHS, and a key member of the Moffat County All Star cheer team, Jordan was named to the National Cheerleader Association’s High School All-American team.

Sure, Jordan is honored to be named to the team, but even better than the title of All-American, is the trip.

Jordan is headed to Hawaii.

“It’s awesome,” Jordan said. “I found out at the end of July at cheer camp.”

MCHS hosted a cheer camp this past summer that was run by NCA instructors.

The instructors chose three MCHS cheerleaders: Jordan, sophomore Patience Terry and junior Tawni Brenner.

“But, I’m the only one going,” Jordan said.

“Because it’s, like, $8,000,” Michele chimed in. “We are staying six days. So the hotel and airfare there is really expensive.”

Jordan’s brother, Dillon, father, Jason, and Michele will ride Jordan’s coattails to the U.S.’s 50th state, turning Jordan’s achievement into a family vacation.

At least – for them.

Jordan will practice four hours each day, leaving the 14-year-old with little time for frolicking in the sand, collecting shells and working on her tan.

“I wish I could take some of my friends with me,” Jordan said frowning. “But, it will still be a lot of fun, though. Hopefully, when I have down time, I can get to the beach.”

Jordan will be one of more than 100 high school students chosen for the team who must learn a cheer and dance routine that will be performed during the halftime festivities of the Thanksgiving Day college football game between host University of Hawaii and Washington State University.

The Porters leave Nov. 24 and return Dec. 1, but before Jordan is off to compete at a college football game, she still has to complete her high school cheer schedule.

On Nov. 22, Jordan competes in the state regional cheerleading events for two teams – MCHS and the Moffat County All-Star cheer team – in Denver.

“I get worn out,” Jordan said. “But I think about my goal of cheering at the University of Texas one day, and there will be college scouts in Hawaii, so I just keep doing what I have to do.”

And what she has to do now is bounce her way to Hawaii.

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