MCHS Cheer team brings spirit in bunches |

MCHS Cheer team brings spirit in bunches

Nate Waggenspack

The winter sports cheer team is getting ready to bring its spirit to the Moffat County teams as their sports seasons begin.

Without competition cheering on their docket for 2012-13, the team dedicates itself to the Bulldogs sports teams and their success. Coach Megan Jones preaches a positive attitude to her team to keep their spirit high, as well as the spirit of the Moffat County crowds.

Attendees of football games during the fall should expect to see a slightly different cheer team at basketball games, as girls are free to come and go between seasons. However, they can expect to see the team advance on what it had done during football season.

During the fall the team worked hard to improve its stunting—when the team does lifts and throws—and is continuing to practice more challenging and exciting stunts.

Moffat Monthly spoke with Jones and cheer team members Kily Matey and Jodi Fortune about the team for the winter.

Moffat Monthly: What does the winter cheer team look like this year?

Kiley Matey: We have one senior, two juniors and then sophomores and freshman.

M2: So are you still having to learn new cheers and work together?

Jodi Fortune: Yeah, there are new cheers, and we’ve gotten new girls and lost a couple girls from football too.

M2: What would these games be like without you there?

JF: There would be nothing. We kind of get the crowd up, and they would just stand there in a group and not do anything. But with us they’re all standing up, getting into it and doing the cheers.

M2: What should fans attending games expect to see from the team this year? Is there anything you’ve been working on?

KM: New stunts that we’ve been working hard on. The stunts will be harder, but we also got two boys, so hopefully them being stronger will make it easier on us.

M2: Is stunting something that has been big in this program in the past?

Megan Jones: No we haven’t done it much. We’ve started doing it this year a lot, we’ve been bringing it back.

M2: Is stunting more fun?

KM: It’s kind of nerve-wracking when you’re learning it because you’re not sure it’s going to work out, but once you do it, it’s awesome.

M2: Anything else we should know about the team?

KM: I think it’s a strong because after last season it feels like we’ve come together more because we spent so much time together. We just did everything together.

JF: I think this season is going to be really interesting because of the new people we have joining.

MJ: I’m really proud of the girls, and the basketball cheerleading team is going to be amazing. They work together and they’re very enthusiastic about cheer and they have a positive mind. When you have that, we’re going to have a great year.


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