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Maybell tidbits

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The Maybell Women’s Club is having its book sale at the Maybell Library. There are more than 1,200 books to sell. These books were donated to the Women’s Club and are not new enough to put into the Maybell Library. All proceeds benefit the historian room and library. There will be refreshments and entertainment at the sale. Everyone is welcome from noon to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the Maybell historian room at the library.

The Maybell 4-H Club met Friday for its monthly meeting. Elections were held with each applicant giving a speech as to why they wanted the position. The results were: Lance Poole, president; Brian Poole, vice president; Frank Stetson, treasurer; Libby Stetson, secretary; and Brian Poole, historian and photographer.

Congratulations to all of you and thanks to outgoing officers, Lance Poole, Clint Hockett, Katie Hockett and Frank Stetson.

The Maybell Rustlers discussed who would help with animal hide collections and the Rustlers set all the barrels out for collecting. After the meeting the 4-Hers went to Bub Mock’s to collect their yearly aluminum cans. Thanks to the Mock family for collecting cans each year for the local 4-H Club. If anyone would like to donate, call Lance Poole. Also, during the hunting season, deer and elk hides may be donated by calling Lance Poole.

The Share Program is coming to the Maybell area. If a person donates a minimum of two hours per month of time to any organization he or she qualifies for the Share packages each month. The packages vary from month to month, but are usually full of groceries and the Share newsletter. For more information on this program, call Ray Hobson.

The Maybell Park is going into its busiest time of the year. With the coming hunting seasons, hunters from all over the country come to the park. If anyone needs information on the park, they may call Curtis Gould at 272-3225. As a reminder, the Maybell Park closes for the season Nov. 15 and will not open for the December hunt.

The Maybell Community Center Board bought new tables with the help of Maybell organizations. The white-top tables will be left in the Community Center at all times and the older tables will be in storage for renting for occasions. The board encourages everyone to take care of the new tables so they will last for generations.

The Maybell Library still has new books coming in each day. Come check out the video collection along with puzzles and board games. As a reminder, the library has access to fax, e-mail, Internet, scanner, typewriter, copies and more amenities for the public to use. See the new children’s section and all children ages 2 to 6 are invited to the Teddy Bear story time each Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to noon. Thanks to all the people who have donated books and videos for the Maybell collection.


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