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Maybell tid bits

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— Maybell school opened its doors Wednesday morning for the first day of school. This year the Maybell school has two first-graders, three second-graders, three third-graders and three fourth-graders. All 11 children were eager to start the new year with all their new school supplies.

Teacher Linda McCabe with her aids, Lynn Haskins and Nancy Estes, were excited to be with the children.

Maybell would like to thank Linda Sloan for transplanting her lilac bushes from her home to the Maybell Cemetery with the help of her grandsons, Lance, Brian and Justin Poole.

The Maybell seniors had a ham dinner Thursday with all the side dishes. The seniors’ dinner won’t meet again until Sept. 14. Everyone is welcome to the dinners. Bring a dish and 75 cents. As a reminder, the senior bus will go to Craig Tuesday. For a ride, call Dave O’Connor.

The Maybell Library has recently received new audio books and books. If there are certain kinds of books anyone would like to see in the library, let the Maybell Library know.

This will be Katie Buffham’s last week as the librarian. The Maybell community is encouraged to visit the library and Katie’s last week.

Congratulations to the 4-Hers whose projects went to state fair. The results of state fair is: Lance Poole, rockets, among 162 rockets he placed fourth with an excellence; Lance Poole, fishing, of 38 fishing projects he placed fifth with an excellence; Clint Hocket, rockets, excellence; Clint Hocket, leather, excellence; and Justin Poole, rockets, excellence. Good luck to Nathan Hicks, Emmit Nottingham and Josh Prowall who will attend state fair for the shooting sports competition.

The Maybell Rustlers held their annual completion day fun day. All 18 Rustlers will resume monthly meetings at 4 p.m. Sept. 3 at the community center. All youth, ages 8 to 18, interested in the 4-H Club should attend. The topics will be upcoming events, fund-raisers and elections.

The Maybell Community Center Board will meet at the center at 2:30 p.m. Thursday. Topics to be discussed include the painting of the building and purchasing new tables for the center.