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Maybell tid bits

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Maybell subscribers of the Craig Daily Press will get home delivery starting Monday. Maybell residents will get the news the same day it comes out. If you are a subscriber you should already have a newspaper box to receive your daily paper. If you have any news or upcoming events, call Dianne Gould.

Maybell children dressed in their spooky costumes will be trick-or-treating in Maybell. Maybell parents have decided to let the children trick-or-treat on Saturday. If you would like the little goblins to visit your home, turn your porch lights on.

The Maybell Women’s Club is still having its book sale at the Maybell Library. The book sale will be during library hours and Saturday. All books are $1. All proceeds made during this sale will go back into the Maybell historian room and library. More books are being added to the sale each day.

The Maybell 4-H Club will meet for its monthly meeting Nov. 5. The 4 p.m. meeting at the community center will be to discuss hide collection and setting up the window display in Craig for the 4-H window competition. All 4-H members are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting. As a reminder to the Maybell residents the 4-Hers are collecting deer and elk hides and aluminum cans. If you have any to donate, call the 4-H president, Lance Poole.

The Teddy Bear story time had a great time making Halloween mobiles last Wednesday after hearing a story of Halloween and enjoying all the great treats that were brought by mothers. This week the children ages 2 to 6 will hear a story about a scarecrow and make their own scarecrows. All children are welcome to come to the fun group each Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to noon.

Tuesday is election day. Maybell residents are encouraged to vote at the Maybell historian room in the Maybell Library. The hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Maybell Library will be open on election day. This is not a normal business day for the library, but since the Maybell residents will be using the library to vote it will be a great chance for everyone to see all the changes in the library. The library is now receiving the Denver Post and many magazines. The library has a bulletin board for any postings. After checking out books, videos or puzzles, save your receipts. After eight receipts you will get a coupon for a free piece of pie from the Maybell Restaurant.

Congratulations to Brian Poole. Brian was chosen by his sixth-grade homeroom teacher to be the student of the month. Brian and his parents will be attending a lunch to reward the kids for their achievements on Friday.