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Maybell tid bits

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Maybell Library welcomes new Maybell branch manager, Becky Vowel. Katie Buffam has decided to retire so the library board has hired Becky from the Craig-Moffat County Library. Becky has worked occasionally with Katie at the Maybell library and has really enjoyed working with the Maybell locals. Katie Buffam said they couldn’t have picked anyone better to fill her shoes. As we all know, Katie’s shoes will be hard to fill, but Becky is looking forward to getting to know everyone from our community and is very eager to make the library usable to all of Maybell and its surrounding areas. If there is a type of book or a certain book you would like to see in the library, let the library know so they can be ordered.

Maybell Library is issuing new Moffat County library cards. The cards may be used at the Craig, Dinosaur and Maybell libraries. Books checked out in any of the three county libraries may be returned in any county library.

The Brown’s Hole Homemakers finished their handmade quilt and raffled it off last weekend with great success. The money the homemakers raised was used to stain the outside and paint all the window trims of the Historic Ladore Hall.

The winner of the hand-stitched quilt was Maden Lou Jerome of Utah. The Brown’s Hole Homemakers want to thank all the support and success they had from everyone who helped in the fund-raiser.

Congratulations to Earl Hockett for placing second in the nation. Earl just returned form Greeley where he participated in the annual state department snow plow and truck rodeo. After a written test and a walk-through, Earl drove his state truck through an obstacle course. Earl felt very proud to come home with a 1999 belt buckle and a jacket that he received for placing second in the nationals.

The Maybell Sagebrush Shuttle will go to Craig Tuesday. Any senior wanting to ride needs to give Dave O’Connor a call the night before to be picked up at their home. The Sagebrush shuttle is needing a driver. If interested in driving the seniors bus on Tuesday, a CDL license is required. Call Francis Kiser for more information. The next senior dinner will be Sept. 9 at noon at the Community Center. Bring 75 cents and a covered dish.

The Maybell school had its open house Tuesday. Teacher Linda McCabe and Pete Bergman welcomed the parents and discussed what the Maybell children will be learning this year. The PAC meeting was set for Sept. 9 at 3:15 p.m. New PAC officers will be elected and will discuss the fund-raisers and parties for the year. All parents of Maybell school children are encouraged to attend.

Maybell “get well” wishes this week go out to John Cook and Dale Brannan, both are feeling under the weather and need some cheering up. Get better soon, guys.


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