Maybell school honors veterans |

Maybell school honors veterans

Lee Harstad

Maybell School will honor veterans Thursday. The annual event, started last year by teacher Linda McCabe at Maybell School is an event where students, parents, community members and honored veterans come together in a celebration on Veterans Day.

The program is a “Veterans Day Salute” and all veterans and community members are invited to attend as the students of Maybell School will show their pride for area veterans.

“We have lots of support from the community,” said McCabe.

Last year, 12 students honored 10 veterans.

The program consists of a luncheon for all program attendees at 11:30 a.m. and the ceremony begins at noon. Students, led by Maybell School Music Director Sherrie Johnson and pianist Katrina Davis, will perform musical numbers honoring the guests. Honored veterans will then be introduced.

The salute will center around the flag and anyone who has fought for the country.

“It helps awareness of our country and what our country stands for and for those who help maintain our freedom,” McCabe said. “It also helps in passing on our heritage.”

The ceremony will be held at Maybell School in Maybell.