Maybell great place to visit, hunt |

Maybell great place to visit, hunt

To the Editor

To the Editor,
Let’s hear it for Maybell! My hunting partner and l arrived at the Maybell Park last Friday to camp out, take the week end off and participate in the opening days of antelope season. Little did we know a special treat was in store.
The (I didn’t get her name) “Park Lady” drove by as we were setting up camp to check that the accomodations were to our liking. She informed us a town celebration was scheduled for Saturday night, and invited us to join in.
The next morning we braced ourselves with a hearty breakfast at the Maybell Mercantile Restaurant and headed out for the hunt. We returned to the park at midday, ate our lunch, tended to the chores that result from a successful hunt and relaxed.
Saturday evening a crowd gathered to enjoy a picnic and country music dance. The highlight of the evening was the judging of the decorated lawn mowers and the lawn mower race which followed. We found ourselves rooting for the mower which eventually finished second.
I’ve had many memorable hunting trips to Maybell. I’d like to thank all the people who made this weekend “extra-special.”
Jeff Wendland,
Grand Junction, Colo.