Maximum Commitment to Excellence: Vote ‘yes’ on 66 |

Maximum Commitment to Excellence: Vote ‘yes’ on 66

To the editor:

Maximum Commitment to Excellence is a group of concerned citizens and business leaders that has taken the stance to improve the Moffat County school system. The group is made up of Booster Club members, Friends of Moffat County Education members, school administration, some nonprofit directors and several community members. The focus of this group is to facilitate and assist our schools and help our students to be better prepared to achieve in life. Anyone is welcome to attend and be part of this group. For the past several months, we have met and served on hiring committees, provided lunch for teachers at the orientation and looked for ways through collaboration that can encourage and raise the bar for our schools in Moffat County. We have addressed many things and some have changed for the better, but it is a long road and we’re confident that the fruit of this labor will be a much improved school system.

Two things are before us that will affect that goal. The first is the school board elections that we encourage all registered voters to be informed and participate in. Research the individuals running and make your choice based on the future of this school system. Choose members on their past engagement and the work they have accomplished or are doing in our community. We can assure you that they are not running for the money or the power. The second is funding, and while we do not think that our problems are based on money, we do recognize that the state system funds the Moffat County school system at a lower level than all of the surrounding areas and at a level in the bottom 10 percent of Colorado. Due to this inequity, we encourage you to vote “yes” on Amendment 66, as it will correct some of that funding discrepancy and provide funding for some things like all day kindergarten that Moffat County School District already is doing.

Finally, we encourage all parents to be involved with the education of their children in any way you can, as it is our belief that our children are our future and we never stand so tall as when we stoop to help a child.

Maximum Commitment to Excellence

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