Matthew R. Dent: Craig, Moffat County a celestial place |

Matthew R. Dent: Craig, Moffat County a celestial place

To the Editor:

I am writing the following letter in the small hope you realize what a celestial place Craig or at least Moffat County actually is. I lived there no more than a year ago and found Craig to be a sanctuary of sorts.

Before Colorado, I was feeling useless and with no direction in life. Being an out-of-work writer can get a man thinking very desperate measures to escape his depression. My salvation came in the form of my friend moving and needing a good friend to accompany him on his journey out west.

I, of course feeling that either my life would end or begin, took my friend’s offer to escape southwestern Virginia and go to northwestern Colorado.

Having only $20 and high expectations, I arrived in “heaven.”

I soon found work with a local eatery that most all your workers there at the Daily Press eat at. You may know the place, Carelli’s.

Of course, you do. Jim Deihl, being either insane or very generous, gave me a job as a prep cook. Jim played an integral role in my having an income and friends. My co-workers such as Nick. Ski, and TJ did not have any idea how to even talk to a southern boy, also known as a hillbilly, but after a few moments of pure absurdity on my part, the three Coloradans found that the Virginian wasn’t so different.

Many crazy adventures followed. Tragedy came to ruin my parade as it were. Due to the ever-growing sickness of my grandfather and his eventual death, I came back to Virginia. Ever since then, I have missed nothing more than Craig, Colorado.

With that said, I hope the locals realize what they have. Until the next letter, I remain …

Obscure and Homesick,

Matthew R. Dent