Matthew R. Cassidy: TMH staff are rude |

Matthew R. Cassidy: TMH staff are rude

To the editor:

This is in response to Michelle Powers’ letter (TMH staff rude) that was featured earlier this week in the letters to the editor section.

I have lived in Craig since 1992. Before moving to Craig, I lived in many places across the United States.

Of all the places I’ve lived, Craig is one of the best communities I have ever lived in. There are so many good things to say about our town – except for the ongoing issue with the staff and employees of The Memorial Hospital.

One of the few and only negative things I heard about Craig when I moved here in 1992 was, ‘Don’t go to The Memorial Hospital if you don’t have to, because the people that work there are rude, mean, intolerable and short-tempered.’

That was almost 17 years ago. To this day, I still hear the nightmare stories of how people in our beautiful, caring community are treated by our local hospital. I personally have experienced this unprofessional behavior more than once.

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The details of what I experienced are no different from the dozens of bad and unpleasant experiences many people of our community have had with the hospital. These are not isolated situations. This is an ongoing major problem in our community.

Why are so many people who work at the hospital always so mean, unfriendly and in such a bad mood? When we come to the hospital, we need help, understanding and guidance – not snotty, arrogant and selfish behavior from the staff.

Maybe hospital employees, doctors and management can’t get along with each other or are too overworked, underpaid, busy or unhappy. But, guess what? You’re in the hospital business. It’s supposed to be tough. It’s a very big and important job.

So, my question is, why are hospital employees so unhappy, nasty, mean and arrogant? And why can’t The Memorial Hospital get and keep this situation under control?

You are all hard working, smart, well-trained adult professionals.

Why can’t you act like it? Quit being such selfish babies. And if you can’t, then find another job where you won’t be so miserable.

Many folks in our community have been made to feel that they are a burden on the hospital staff, and they now go somewhere else for their medical care.

These folks are disappointed with the hospital and, worse, they’re afraid of the way they might be treated, and that is a terrible shame and a terrible example of what should be the shining light of our wonderful town and community.

I say shame on you, The Memorial Hospital. And I say shame on us for allowing this to happen in our community.

Many people I have spoken to, and myself included, have an important question for The Memorial Hospital. With the millions of dollars we are spending for the new hospital, will we be subjected to the same unprofessional staff as we have now?

Matthew R. Cassidy