Matt Winey: Wake up |

Matt Winey: Wake up

To the editor:

Should it be the federal government deciding the fate of our coal industry and the fish we have in the Yampa River or should it be our choice? This country was built on the American dream and personal freedom. I think this country became exceptional because of the form of government we were given when this country began. We separated ourselves from a form of tyranny that was ran by elites (kings and queens and the like) that thought they knew better than the common people. As we have all heard these sayings “history can repeat itself,” and another saying, “if you don’t learn from your mistakes you will end up in the same mess” (that is my paraphrase), we might want to pay attention to this wisdom from the past.

Are we allowing ourselves to be run by elites who think they know what is best for us?

Don’t get me wrong I think we need a federal government to help keep this nation running smoothly. But have they gotten too big and too drunk with power for the good of the common citizen in the U.S. None of us want to ruin the environment for generations to come, but there seems to be no facts actually supporting how “global warming” will end life as we know it. Actually, I learned in biology that CO2 is very good for plant life. The most important thing is to realize that we need to vote, and we need to be educated on who we are voting for. That means not paying attention to the commercials on national TV but searching out for ourselves where a candidate stands on the issues and what policies there past votes have helped or hurt.

Matt Winey


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