Matt Winey: Iran nuclear deal wrong |

Matt Winey: Iran nuclear deal wrong

To the editor

The Iran nuclear deal is wrong in many areas. Anyone who studies history will see Iran does not care if they tell the truth. And we as Americans our supposed to trust them? I have written several reasons why this is bad. I am sure you could add a few. Call Senator Michael Bennet and tell him no on this one-sided deal. Many patriots in America are visiting Congress’s offices and urging them to vote no. Bennet’s contact number for his Durango office is 970-259-1710.

  1. Billions of dollars of sanctions relief awarded to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism

  2. Lifted arms embargo for Iran that allow them to export weapons in a dangerous region

  3. Loss of anytime, anywhere inspections of Iran’s military facilities

  4. The deal leaves in Iran four American citizens who are currently being held in Iranian Prisons

  5. This looks and writes like a treaty, but our president has done an end run around our Legislative branch by not calling it a treaty, therefore sidestepping our U.S. Constitution.

  6. Do we really think Iran will live by any promises they make to the U.S.? They hate us.

  7. This nuclear deal with Iran eliminates the existing conventional arms and ballistic missile embargoes on Iran.

  8. The main stream media of our country push this deal. That should raise a red flag right away.

  9. Under the agreement, Iran has the right to deny international inspectors access to any undeclared nuclear site. And no, I repeat no, U.S. inspector will ever set foot on Iranian Soil.

Iran will be cleared to have nuclear weapons in your children’s lifetime for sure.

Matt Winey