Mathers’ Bar hosts a free Christmas dinner for Craig community |

Mathers’ Bar hosts a free Christmas dinner for Craig community

Erin Fenner

The Mathers’ family has hosted a free Christmas meal every Dec. 25 for almost 60 years.

Mathers’ Bar invites the entire community of Moffat County to come down and share food and conversation.

Tom Mathers, owner of Mathers’ Bar, is happy to continue the tradition.

“I love doing it. It’s our gift to the community,” he said.

His father started and kept it going for about 20 years. Businesses and community members donate food, but Mathers said people should feel free to just show up and enjoy the spread.

It was partly inspired by the idea of helping out those in need on the holidays, but Mathers insisted everyone should come down and eat.

It’s not just a dinner for the homeless. It’s a dinner for the community,” he said. “You can bring a covered dish, but you don’t have to.”

The number of guests has declined over the past few years, he said. More than 200 people used to show up, but now it’s rare to see even 100. Mathers hopes the event will see larger numbers again this year.

“It’s just a good event to get people together,” he said. “What a better time than Christmas?”

The bulk of food comes from donations. At least five turkeys and two hams will be donated by Quicksilver Resources Inc., Mathers said.

Heather McLaughlin-Sloop, government community and regulatory affairs manager of Quicksilver, said her business donates to give back to the community.

“We feel as though this is something to benefit the community that we work in,” she said. “It’s a happy-to-do-it kind of gesture for us.”

Employees of Quicksilver even come to the holiday feast. It’s been something the business has been proud to participate in, she said.

“We just started the tradition when we came to the community,” she said. “I just hope we can give some happiness to people in need.”

Mathers encouraged everyone in town to stop by.

“Bring your company down,” he said.

Food will be served at about 1:30 p.m. at Mathers’ Bar on Wednesday.

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