Mathers’ Bar catches fire Thursday night |

Mathers’ Bar catches fire Thursday night

Erin Fenner
Mathers' Bar caught fire Thursday night, but the damage was minimal.
Erin Fenner

— Mathers’ Bar, located at 420 Yampa Ave., caught fire Thursday night.

“The fire department’s the one that found it,” said Moffat County Commissioner Tom Mathers, who owns the bar.

Firefighters took action quickly because they noticed smoke coming out of the building, Mathers said. The flames started in the false front of the bar, right above the business’s neon sign.

Nobody was hurt, and the damage was minimal, Mathers said.

The cause of the fire was a spark from the sign on the front of the building, Fire Chief KC Hume said.

“The neon lighting on the facade malfunctioned,” Hume said. “The (fire on the) exterior burned into the structure.”

The call came in at about 9:30 p.m., said officer Josh Martinez, of the Craig Police Department.

Within 30 minutes, the blaze was contained, but the fire department continued to work. Firefighters were lifted up to the flames with the fire truck’s platform so they could cut away at the front of the building to make sure everything was extinguished completely. The fire was entirely out by 10:30 p.m., but crews continued to work.

During all of this, Mathers was relaxed and laughing. He took phone calls from people checking in on him and his business. But overall, he was at ease because everyone was OK, and his building saw very little damage. There would be a cost associated with replacing the sign and fixing the hole in the front of the bar, but nothing extensive, he said.

Mathers admitted to feeling like his bar was in a pretty great location.

“There’s advantages to having the fire department right across the street,” Mathers said.

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