Master Chief and Cortana Return |

Master Chief and Cortana Return

Halo 4 introduces new features

The world is crumbling; buildings are crashing and lava is bursting through the ground. Master Chief floors the pedal of his warthog and launches off a ramp, landing him and Arbiter into the cargo bay of “Forward Unto Dawn.” As they make their escape from the destruction behind them, the ship is engulfed in a bright light. Halo 3 ends.

With 343 Industries as its new producer, Halo 4 brings us back with Master Chief and his artificially Intelligent sidekick, Cortana, who have been adrift in space for four years. The two soon realize that they are on a crash course to the Forerunner planet of Requiem. Barely surviving their crash, Master Chief and Cortana immediately find themselves fighting old and new foes, along with a whole new arsenal of weapons, technologies and armor abilities.

The first thing I noticed when stepping into the Halo world was the graphics had greatly been improved from previous versions. Looking around, I saw that they had slightly reworked the modeling on some of the buildings and characters, making things seem a little more solid and real. As I ran around, I heard my armor clank and saw my helmet bob up and down, which really made me feel like I was actually in a suit of armor.

343 Industries has definitely maintained Halo’s massively addicting multi-player game play, along with adding some new features such as regicide, flood and spartan-ops. Spartan-ops is a series of side-story missions where players have to fight through hordes of Covenant and Promethean foes to achieve their objective. Although 343 added some new and exciting game types, they also left out some of the best ones that Bungie, the former producers had introduced in previous games, like action sack and invasion.

Halo’s forge, which allows players to create their own maps, has also been enhanced, making it easier and quicker to create a map but is still disappointing because it lacks a variety of themes in the scenery objects which ultimately limits the malleability of ambiance in the maps. Halo Reach, 343 has done a tremendous job at making Halo better but still hasn’t been able to captured the complementarity between Bungie’s original forge and custom games in Halo 3.

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