Mary Morris: We get what we pay for

Moffat County, my home for more than 50 years, is a diamond in the rough, and I like this reality. Living in rural Colorado, we know first-hand our choice to live where and how we do comes with a price.

To enjoy life in a functioning town with educational opportunities for our community members, to attract more students to fill our community college, and help fuel our economy, we need to step to the plate.

We are not entitled to law enforcement, sewer, water, roads and parks. Money does not fall from the sky; if we want to adequately fund these amenities, we pay.

This said, we, as community members, have the right to be heard, and this is my voice: I want our city leaders to be respectful, wise, fair and frugal, to prioritize and make solid, informed decisions.

I want Colorado Northwestern Community College to plan, prioritize and build student housing now. I want CNCC to continue associate and certificate programs to enable those who complete them to find good jobs and to provide core quality academic transfer courses and training programs to produce competent, job-ready, skilled workers. If we want new students and community members to come to Craig, we need to step to the plate to welcome them.

I started paying taxes in Craig and Moffat County years ago and want to continue to live here with pride, in a safe, educated community. I earned a degree from CNCC that helped me support my family. One of my kids earned enough transfer credits at CNCC to graduate from CSU in four instead of five years and has a great career with OtterBox.

Another kid graduated from CNCC before graduating from high school

and continued studies to complete an engineering degree from Colorado School of Mines.

My grandkids take College for Kids classes. Even though I’ve completed more than 150 credits at CNCC, I plan to enroll for more community education classes next spring.

I understand the reality of the times we face. I know it takes revenue to fund our city and that education is key to a better life.

I vote “yes” on 5A and 2A.

Mary Morris


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