Mary Morris: Taken aback by defeat of 5A  |

Mary Morris: Taken aback by defeat of 5A 

I’m taken back by Tuesday’s vote on Measure 5A. How to move Colorado Northwestern Community College forward to increase enrollment, create housing and maximize the economic impact CNCC has on our region fills my mind.

An essential first step is for the college president and key decision makers to come to Craig to develop and sustain collaborative relationships with our business community and residents.  Our vice president, a resident of Craig, is not in a position to make this happen by herself.  In order to be a responsive partner, our community must be educated about the financial impact CNCC already has and the benefits a college education brings to the students it serves.

CNCC is a positive entity in Northwestern Colorado, with the potential to be stronger.

My hope is that a community meeting, hosted by our college president at our fabulous campus on the hill, will happen soon, while the ashes of this issue are warm and ready to reignite.

Mary Morris