Mary Jo Brown: We need to choose carefully what we speak, write |

Mary Jo Brown: We need to choose carefully what we speak, write

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

Sometimes when I sit down to write and I come up with nothing. There is a total mental block about what I want to share with the readers of my column. Today was one of those days, sitting here wondering what to write about that wouldn’t sound like self pity, bragging, complaining and on and on. Then the thought came into my mind that I like music and words. I listen to music it soothes my mind, sets my mood and often I get a message from it that hadn’t occurred to me before. Words are my companions, I often do puzzles, all forms of puzzles, read, write and watch programs that deal with words like the Wheel of Fortune.

What does one have to do with the other? If I write something and then read it to myself and listen to what I have written, just as I listen to music, I can refine the words until the meaning I want to come out does.

We all need to listen to our words, not only what we say but the manner in which we say it. In this day and age of texting there are many misunderstandings because you can’t put sound into a text message. Often the meaning of the text is taken completely wrong and feelings are hurt. The written word although expressive often cannot get across the feeling of the situation unless you are writing a book and put in what the character is feeling or the mood in which they spoke.

You can put feelings and meaning into a spoken conversation but you need to make sure what you say is going to be understood in the manner you want it to be. There is also the possibility that you should wait to speak your mind until you have thought through what to say and not speak in anger, or from hurt feelings. There is a saying that goes something like “make sure the words from your mouth are sweet because you may have to eat them later.” Words have the ability to wound beyond repair, heal, soothe, anger, uplift and many other things. We need to choose carefully what we speak and write because things said or written may be forgiven but won’t be forgotten. There is too much “it’s all about me” sentiment in the world today, we need to get back to the Golden Rule of “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”

I read somewhere that if you read good books when you write, good books will come out of you. I have written two books but haven’t sent in the manuscripts and am not too sure how good they are but little by little I express what I want to say in other ways. I have found that the best thing to do is listen then write or sing a tune.

The Happy Birthday tune goes out to Elizabeth Tabor, Janet Kawack and Chuck Zimmerman.

Get well wishes goes out go to all those ill or recovering from illness.

Friday pot luck will be held at noon at Sunset Meadows I hope to see you there.

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